Useful Tips To Speed Up Your Synology RT2600ac Router Downloading Speed

Internet connection has become a part of our life. Using the internet connection to complete the work is easy as compared to the paperwork. It can be surfed through the data connection or by Hotspot. The WiFi hotspot connects easily to the wireless device by which you can manage the internet connection easily. The WiFi connection can surf through modems or routers. Routers play a major role to provide internet connection throughout the workplace. It depends upon the place where you want to place the router device. It comes with great features like gigantic speed, great coverage range, dual-band frequency, etc. There is a router which comes with all these features. The Synology RT2600ac router is the one. It is a dual-band wireless router that is capable of spreading the wireless network coverage up to 3000 square feet.

The four high-gain external antennas will help this device to do it. The 1.7GHz dual-core processor will provide a fast and stable internet connection. It comes with Layer 7 hardware acceleration which manages and controls the upcoming signals. Provides a good speed of 2.6GBps through which you can stream movies and Live TV shows easily.

Login Into Synology RT2600ac router

The Synology RT2600ac router login operation is simple and can be done by visiting or You must have a web browser to access the RT2600ac page. The two blank fields will be seen on the screen. Type username in the first blank box and password in the second one. Afterward, hit the log-in option. If it says the login process id is wrong, we recommend checking the login details again and try. Resetting the router will also fix this issue. You can reset your router by thumbing down the reset button for a few seconds. The illuminating LED light will show and the router restarts again. When the router starts, it means the device has been successfully reset. If you are getting slow speed with the RT2600ac device, then we recommend following the below-mentioned operation to fix this problem.

What If the Download Speed is Too Slow With Synology RT2600ac router

If the download speed is too slow, then make sure that your device is in the perfect place to provide the best network connection. Avoid placing the RT2600ac device where there are too many concrete walls and metal objects. Also, check whether the other user connected to your RET2600ac is not surfing the high task. Surfing the high task may also slow down the network speed. These are the Synology RT2600ac troubleshooting steps that you should follow to fix this issue.

Device Settings

Check whether the RT2600ac speed setting is modified or not. If not, then go to traffic control under the network center, and then choose the custom speed option to control or change the downloading speed of this device.

Disable Firewall

The Windows operating system device comes with an inbuilt Firewall option. It can create a barrier to the RT2600ac downloading speed. If you already created the Firewall or antivirus separately, it is recommended to disable it. To do it, go to the Security un=der the network center option and then choose the Firewall option to remove the Firewall. Removing the port forwarding will also fix this problem. To remove it, visit the port forwarding option under the Network settings.

Traffic Control

Ensure that traffic control is not enabled. It will slow down your Rt2600ac downloading speed. Go to the Traffic control under the Network settings option and then choose the advance option to disable the Traffic control feature.


Reviewing this device after 3 months of purchase. It is a great device and works very well. This device did not disappoint me. Its high speed, as well as long coverage range, will attract me. You can easily stream HD videos, movies, and high-definition games easily with this router. Overall, a well-working and value-for-money device. The setup is much faster as compared to the other wireless routers. Its easy interface and parental control features will also enable the users to block or allow the websites to contain specific keywords. It is highly recommended by all, the users who are willing to buy this product should definitely go for it. The four high gain external; antennas are enough to spread the network coverage all over my office.

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