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Top Gift Options for First Time Homeowners

Homeowners، When it comes to picking gifts for someone who bought a new home, you might be confused. Despite the many options, the varied choices, and the huge number of shopping hubs-the perfect gift never seems to be at hand. Perhaps, being unaware of the personal tastes of your friends when it comes to home items is a deterrent. Moreover, there could be so many things around that you fail to find the right pick. Here are a few safe choices that you might be able to pick from with ease.


Linen, liners, and lovely decor pieces for the bedroom—in short, homeware does not get boring. These practical options find perfect sync in any new home. As people who have bought a new house, there is an expectation to have a comfortable bedroom setting at the very outset. Therefore, with homeware for the bedroom, you do not generally go wrong!


From bar accessories to traditional crockery, play safe by gifting your buddies these items that make them set up home with ease. There are crockery picks for every budget. There is no dearth of options in style or on the design front either.


Invest in unique rugs as a gift option. Warm-not just literally-and cozy as a gift, a rug is a thoughtful pick. Even if you are not sure of how the flooring and the walls are in your friend’s new house, play safe. You can pick a rug style and color that goes with all kinds of flooring and wall shades. Better still, give a gift coupon to redeem at a rug store for your friends to shop with.

Bathroom Accessories

Conditioner bars, customized shampoos, body bars, lathers, and scents-there is an entire world waiting to be explored. You have an immense variety to pick a gift from in this category. Moreover, such picks are timeless and have personal warmth when you gift them same. There are customized couple bath products available too, for steal deals during festive times. Research around and pick a gift that is designed for sensitive skin types so that you avoid any risk of an allergy breakout on use. After all, you need to be a generous gift-giver but must also show some responsibility!

Scented Candles

While these are no longer a raging hit as compared to a few years back, they still make for a good gift to someone who just bought a new home. Scented candles have endless options in terms of make and scent. These are also considered lucky as gifts. You can shop from branded stores or look online for quirky options as well. 

Gifting is a process that you need to tap in steps. Think over your budget and gift category first. Deliberate over what you feel is a needful gift for the person you are planning a gift for. Compare your tastes with your friend’s. Frame an idea of what gift might best fit in. Do some rummaging around before making a final choice.


For someone setting up a new home, any gift seems like an awesome option. However, as a gift-giver be thoughtful enough to understand how practically a gift is actually usable. Think with your own mind into the gift. Toy over and decide if the gift will just remain dumped or can be put to use regularly or from time to time. 

Decor pieces are a different bet. However, even then they need to be such that they look good in any space and do not require hefty maintenance. Good luck with making a gifting pick for your homeowner friend.

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