Things that are more important than making money in life

The fast-paced and competitive life these days often leads us to work and earn more. But there are more important issues than making money.

Things that are more important than making money in life

If we ignore them, the value of the money we make will be lost. be with us. In this article, Edos Kurilian, founder, and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, will point out 5 important things that we should pay more attention to than money.

1. Belief.

This does not necessarily mean religious belief; Although it can be part of it. It means believing in yourself, your dreams, and your work. If you do not believe in yourself, the services and efforts you provide in your work will not be seen.

“Doubt” can destroy businesses that can make a difference in the world. I understood this very well. It will be difficult to maintain your faith when you feel that those you trust are trying to destroy you.

But when you lose faith in your work and think you have been dreaming a lot or believing that someone else will do it better than you, you are destroying yourself. You may even quit your job and work for someone else; Someone who believes in himself.

things important than making money in life

Do you prefer to do things your own way? You have to believe in yourself and all aspects of your work. There is no doubt that you will also face complex issues; But because you believe in your work and want to improve the situation, you will continue on the path.

2. the health.

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably sleep less and think more about your job. If something goes wrong, you owe it to yourself. This can be dangerous. This belief leads you to believe that if you do not work and make money every day, your business will be ruined.

Trust your employees and co-workers. Let them do their homework and you do your homework. Make sure you have a strong business. Look for new ways to strengthen it. The team members feedback, ask for the best results, plan correctly.

In the meantime, take care of your nutrition and weight. Go to the club or follow your favorite sport. A strong and conscious mind comes from a strong and conscious body. So take this seriously. You do not need to become a professional athlete. All you have to do is set goals, reach them, and look for new goals. This will change the way you look at work and always look for progress.

Don’t you feel good? Make an appointment with your doctor. Your work requires the best possible version of you to reach the top position. This means that by taking care of your health, you can think brighter, make decisions and lead the team to success.

3. Experiences.

We only have the opportunity to live once, and there is no doubt about that. There is no point in sitting in your office every day and every hour and making more money. By sitting in a managerial position , you can experience the ultimate in life; So work hard and live life to the fullest.

Be spontaneous. Take every opportunity to travel. Participate in entertainment programs that take place in your area. Your bank account may affect many people, But the memories and stories you get from life experiences will be sweeter for people. Money can never get you to that position.

Things that are more important than making money in life

Life experiences are rewarding. These experiences give you good ideas and shape your outlook on the world. To solve the problems of working and passing through difficult situations, experiences come to help you.

You want to have a better life for your children than you did when you were a child. But when you are looking for one more rial of money and you are not at home and with your family, you will incur a lot of spiritual costs. Some people think that by making more money and providing more facilities, they can make their spouse and children happier; But what the family really needs is your presence.

Maybe if you wake up half an hour early in the morning and go to work, you can go straight home after work and be with your family.

You will not be considered a “hard worker” when your family is looking forward to your return and you stay up late at work. In fact, this behavior means that you do not have the ability to manage time, efficiency, and set boundaries. When you set new habits and stick to them in practice, you will both increase your income and spend more time with your family.

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