The Purpose of Logos and Why they are Important

Logos can be an integral part of the world and why does one say that? Certainly, there are millions of brands around with diversified purposes and objectives that operate in various industries. Each brand when it makes its way into the market demands something distinctive so that consumers, competitors, and all sorts of stakeholders are able to identify a difference. Just imagine, if all chocolates are recognized through the same icon, would that make sense? Absolutely not! This is because there won’t be any key performance indicators to measure variances in quality, quantity, and other elements.

To ensure that all brands are recognized with a separate entity, logos are created. The symbol of identity is imperative for all the companies as well as the people who are somehow playing their part as participants in society. This blog is all about the various types of logos that will inspire you to get yours made by the best free logo maker online from all dimensions so keep reading.

1. Abstract logos

One of the best hand-in-hand logos, the abstract type is basically taking hints of logos that are stimulated by the abstract art. It is something that requires the hardest work and patience because these logos are especially and particularly made for the company.

For example, you look at Microsoft, by taking a glance the general audience can also wonder and say these are mere four boxes in different colors, yes the boxes are not something new in the world but what’s extraordinary is the concept of windows; look around and you won’t find a single brand with the same logo. Similar is the case with Pepsi, it can be seen as a ball but does it really depicts like an ordinary one; undoubtedly no! So if you are planning to showcase the roots of your brand and the real brand values in the most customized way, then this can be your top choice.

2. Word marks

Extensively popular and widely used, the word mark logos are phenomenal and all-rounder, yes you may say that. These have been in the market since forever! You will see how some of the oldest brands and companies that are still doing great are utilizing the word mark logotype as a source of brand identity. In this scenario, brands usually have to work on the font style and font size of the logo that has the ability to differentiate its symbol from the world.

There would be countless examples in front of you that do not require any explanation and they are dominating the market with their exceptional set of offerings to date. Such as, Subway and Coca-Cola; even these brands have modified over a period of time but do you see anyone leaving them behind on their wordmark? It is unthinkable! However, wordmark logos are deeply associated with the brand name, so invest major research into that for a successful logo.

3. Brand marks

In case you are wondering what brand marks are then you need to know that these are mostly depicting pictorial marks for certain brands. The images would not be something you haven’t seen but there will be a deep and in several cases a hidden meaning that needs to be unveiled. While on the other hand, the images will not radiate a complicated aspect to it.

For instance, if you just look at them in a more general view, the logo of the tech brand, Apple is merely a bitten apple, but what it conveys to the audience is mesmerizing. Similar to this you can assess the logo of Twitter and the Shell Corporation that is some of the top-notch examples of brand marks.

4. Emblem

Another one worthy of making it to this list would be the emblem logo. Even if it sounds new to you, this needs to highlight that emblem logos have been in existence for ages! You can say that they embark on a royal look because there is something gleaming about them entirely.

However they do require a rigorous research because you can’t be changing logos every now and then, versatility is the key so that these logos are carry  for years to come. Most of them have describe as being within the borders or like an oval or a circle, sometimes a blend of shapes can also be utilize but the major emphasis has to be on the outer core. Some of the greatest examples of all time are Starbucks and BMW. In case you are thinking of kick-off your business with an emblem then you can definitely think of these as the benchmark to achieve. Another way of going in the emblem direction is through opting for it in case you are a social working organization or operating in the educational field.

5. Combination marks

The last on the list for this post is the combination mark logo. This is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious logos out there! It has both, pros and cons but the reason why it has made it to this list is that the advantages definitely weigh more. Yes, it does require a lot of research and time but it gives you room to experiment where you have the liberty to explore the name of the brand and align it with the logo icon.

You will encounter millions of brands that use combination marks to amplify the purpose of their logo and it is more elaborative that doesn’t confuse the audiences of a brand’s target market. As feasible it sounds, it looks too. If you take a glimpse of Pizza Hut or a Toblerone logo, you would know what the light is all about.

The Final Thought

The objective of a logo is unarguable. While that is the first thing to understand, there are other areas that need attention too and one of the most essential ones is to select the logotype and style for your brand. Remember, while designing the logo keeping brand values is as important as its longevity of.


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