The Major Factors That Decide the Final Cost of Your Household Move in Andheri

Packers and movers services in Andheri for household shifting are vital. Since the transport companies in Andheri have skilled and proficient employees who are exceptionally trained in their respective fields, hiring movers and packers in Andheri has become imperative for us.

But somehow, packers and movers in Andheri charges bother people. They think that it’s not worth it to book packing and moving services in Andheri. Well, coming to any decision without consulting a removal company is just not good for you and your move. If you are worrying about Andheri movers and packers rates, then do not worry and simply use a packers and movers charge calculator tool.

It is a tool that calculates movers and packers rates in a few minutes after reviewing your move details. This way, you will get to know the approximate home shifting charges in Andheri and set your budget.

Why are we saying approximate packers and movers charges in Andheri? Because it’s difficult to estimate the actual cost of your move without having the complete details of your move. Yes, even a minor thing like climbing stairs to move your belongings can affect home shifting charges. Hence, to get an accurate estimate, you will have to contact a removalist in Andheri.

Here is the list of the most common factors that decide the final price of your move.

6 Major Factors that Decide the Final Moving Costs

Movers and packers charges are based on a certain thing. Here is the list of those things that decide the final cost of household moving in Andheri.


Local house shifting charges in Andheri are way cheaper than intercity moving services in Andheri. The reason is the distance to be covered by professional movers and packers. The Packers are responsible for the safety of your possessions. When you hire them, it is their responsibility to deliver them safely to your doorstep. Therefore, they increase the fees when they are covering a long distance.

Always remember that the longer the distance, the higher the moving cost will be. So, when you are moving to another city or state, have a good budget to have the best relocation experience. If you fall for the cheapest home packers and movers, the chances are high that you will get poor services. So, consider the quality over the price.

Size and weight of the shipment

Another major factor that decides the final moving cost is the weight and size of the shipment. All your goods will be transported by a truck or tempo. This depends on the size of your household things. And the transportation cost depends on the size of the vehicle being used to transport your belongings.

If you have loads of goods to move for ex-3BHK household goods, then movers will choose a large-sized truck to transport the goods. and this will increase the moving cost as well. Therefore, experts suggest you carry as little as possible. Discard the goods that are not useful to you and reduce the total weight of the shipment.

Apart from the weight of the shipment, if a few items will require special treatment and attention during the move, then movers will increase the price.

Moving time or season

Moving on Sundays is way costlier than moving on Mondays. Yes, the date and time of your move also affect the final moving cost. How? So, it is because of the demand and availability of moving companies. Weekends are the times when most people want to relocate home, as then they do not have to take leave from their office, so they can move easily. Thus, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. Apart from this, the summer is the best time for home shifting due to the good weather conditions. Pick your moving day wisely.

The difficulty of the job

The floor on which your current apartment is situated and the new one will affect the price. Do you know how? Suppose you are living in the ground floor and moving to a fifth-floor apartment. And if there’s an elevator facility in your new building, then the movers will have to climb the stairs carrying all the boxes. This makes the process more complex for the movers. So, they increase the rates.

Apart from this, they will see where they can park the truck to load and unload the goods in your both localities. If they have to walk more to load the goods, then the rates will be increased. The more the movers put physical effort into your move, the higher the packers and movers in Andheri charges will be.


For intercity moves, you will have to buy transit insurance. This prevents you from facing any monetary loss during the move. Your goods will be covered against any damage, which means, if the goods get damaged, you can recover the damage costs through insurance coverage. However, this facility doesn’t come at a free cost. You will have to pay the insurance charges to your movers and they will be added to your final bill.


The final thing that movers will add to the final moving bill is the taxes. Though there are only a few types of taxes that will be added, this will not be disclosed to you until you book movers and packers services in Andheri. Yes, 18% GST with toll taxes and service taxes. You will have to pay them all. Octrois and toll taxes are applied only to long-distance moves.

So, these are the most common factors that decide the final moving cost. Apart from these, packers and movers in Andheri consider their brand reputation as well as the quality of the service while estimating home shifting charges in Andheri.

If you want to know the cost of your move, then use a movers and packers charge calculator or contact a moving company directly and get their estimates free of charge. This way you will be able to find the best packers and movers that best fits your budget.

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