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Tapfiliate Review – Best Affiliate Tracking Software

With a growing population and a growing online marketplace that allows you to reach a global audience. You need a complete solution that keeps track of your referral program.

There is no better help to grow your online business than using referral tracking software. However, these programs are not optimized for tracking your referral and partner programs, but for creating them.    

There are many software on the market that promises you results, but our own experience is just a few of them that can fulfill your dreams.

For this specific reason, we will bring exceptional software that will transform your entire affiliate referral experience and business game.

What makes affiliate marketing so effective and smooth is the setting up of campaigns, the processing of payments and the monitoring of all activities.  

We are always looking for exciting features that make our lives easier, applications that pursue radical strategies, and existing topics such as administration are discussed.

In this post, we introduce a Tapfiliate review that provides detailed insights into the pricing, features, functionality and more of Tapf Affiliate. Each week we will highlight an application that catches the eye of the network. We say we think you should know today and highlight it in our TapFiliate Review.    

What is Tapfiliate?

If you want to grow your online business, a referral affiliate program is the best way for you to gain an edge over your competitors and generate exceptional leads for your program.

You can reach a wider audience and make them your most satisfied customers without dealing with scams. One solution to your transfer problem is what you get with Tapfiliate.

It not only allows you to track and optimize referral affiliate programs, but also to create them. Brave affiliate software can be used to track recommendations for its base.

There are more than 30 integrations including the famed WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Stripe, Zapier, Wix and more to provide versatility when using different software.

In addition to the included integrations, you will also receive support for different currencies and languages to help you expand your business. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for Internet-based companies and organizations to boost revenue by attracting and compensating affiliates.

TapFiliate is a cloud-based platform that facilitates the creation, monitoring and optimization of recommendation networks for affiliate marketing. It supports marketers in developing, managing and optimizing affiliate marketing campaigns.  

TapFiliate Review

TapFiliate allows you to exercise full control over your affiliate program: you can select, recruit and pay your own affiliates.

By connecting with partners, Tapfiliate enables them to earn commissions from sales when they link to your site.

But you can also set goals, provide attractive incentives to increase revenue, and motivate affiliates to become active brand advocates.

By providing engaging brand content, it contributes to increasing social reach. TapFiliate is easy to use and allows you to quickly build an affiliate network.

It also allows you to automate the majority of your affiliate marketing tasks, including monitoring, managing affiliate commissions and multi-level marketing. 

You can use its affiliate recruitment tools to create and mark affiliate websites and integrate marketing materials on your platform to promote your brand.

They can form partners at all levels and offer various incentives to attract and retain them.

The Getting Started Dashboard walks through the many options available and advanced customization.

And it automation tools allow you to handle other aspects of your affiliate network with ease.  

The software has a customizable interface that allows you to customize it to your preferences. You can design a new commission structure or modify an existing one. 


  1. Effortless Emailing
  2. Plug and Play
  3. Social Reach
  4. Performance Bonus
  5. Lifetime Commissions
  6. Automation
  7. White Labeling and Branding

How to Get Started?

The main thing you need to do before starting another affiliate program is to pick up a few plans offered by the organization.

TapFiliate offers a free trial period to test the project, so tap the Start Free Trial button to get an overview of the points that are important for your recording.

Once you have joined, you will be ready to run your first affiliate campaign with the majority of the features that make it competent and effective.

The software is underpinned by a combination of numerous prominent tools and applications, such as WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Paypal, etc.

In case you need help with the creation, you can contact us with the help of the software group to get help with certain goals. 


Creating and managing affiliate links can be a burden for the expansion of your business. This is why Tapfiliate is a good choice, as it allows you to create, monitor and optimize your affiliate marketing and referral network.

Not only that, but it also allows you to enable automation to handle the bulk of affiliate marketing tasks such as monitoring, commission management and MLM for affiliates.

And accompany you on your way to becoming a successful businessman.  

In general, you want to build a competent affiliate platform for your business with the required affiliate tracking software. 

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