Silly Errors You Make while Scrapping Your Car

Giving away your old or damaged vehicle to car scrappers is actually a very wise decision. But often this right decision is accompanied by lots of wrong actions. Well, these errors that you often make while giving away your car for scrapping not just bring you some loss, but the people around you and even the planet has to bear the consequences of your action. Well, isn’t it wise to be aware of these mistakes or errors and avoid them at all costs?

Avoid these errors when scrapping your vehicle

Recent research shows that around 25 million tons worth of metal is utilized wisely because of this step of scrapping the cars. Now can you imagine the benefits of opting for this step? But alas, just because you’re unaware of some errors you make while scrapping your car, the benefits turn into disasters and even cause a great loss sometimes. Read about these errors and try avoiding them at all costs when giving away your car for scrapping:

  • Not verifying the car scrapper

You will probably get lots of offers to buy the scrap car that you have in your property. But if you are handing over this vehicle to the very first person who contacts you, then you might be committing a grave mistake. There are very high chances that you are placing the car in the hands of cheaters and not authentic scrappers, and you might land into serious trouble later. What you should do is, check the official website of the car scrapping company and even ask for the certificate or license they have for this business. Only after strong research do you contact the company to come and pick up the vehicle. We recommend you hand over your scrap cars in Auckland to Mega Car Collection only. They are licensed, certified, and reliable, and have been scrapping hundreds of vehicles for years.

  • Paying for the vehicle’s pickup

Now this is an error that no wise person should commit. If you are paying for the vehicle’s pick-up (that is usually provided for free by the car scrapping companies), then you are committing a mistake. You are actually wasting your money whereas the company should be giving you this service without any charges.

  • Expecting a high amount for the scrap car

Yes, we understand that you are selling a vehicle. But at the end of the day, it is actually junk now. So, you can’t expect the same amount that you get when you sell this car to second-hand buyers. The car scrapping companies are only going to utilize its recyclable parts and the vehicle would be scrapped after all. So, they definitely won’t pay you as high as the second-hand buyers. And if you are expecting a high amount from the company and that is why are rejecting the offers, then this is an error that you are committing.

These errors do appear silly, don’t they? And if you are wise enough and really want to discard your vehicle smartly, then you won’t commit them at all! 

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