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Shining vinyl floors are temptations – know the ways to achieve them!

The day you installed a vinyl floor in your house, you were promised that it would be super tough, extremely long-lasting, and a really attractive component of your house. With so many benefits attached to vinyl, opting for it was but natural. And you did enjoy a lovely looking home for some years as well — until one fine day you realize that it is just no more looks afresh. The vinyl is aging – as in, it’s shedding all its shine and gleam and attractiveness. Isn’t it depressing? But hey, cheer up! It can be back to its shining form again. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Tips to make your vinyl floor shine like new!

Nothing comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not your vinyl floors at least. Constant maintenance and caring are required to keep anything intact. Even with the vinyl floor, the moment you realize it’s losing its gleam, opt for these steps. You’ll love the difference that is so visually clear.

  • Clean it with a mop and an effective cleaner

Sometimes, all your dull vinyl floor requires is a nice mop. Or the cleaning supply you use for it isn’t just meant for vinyl. How about hitting the supermarket and picking the one specially manufactured to clean vinyl floors? (We are sure there are many!) Use them with a mop and some elbow grease — see the instant shine that you were trying to find for days on the surface. Or better, we would suggest you hire professional cleaners for this job. You will get the same results, but without the pain.

  • Tried apple cider vinegar yet?

Oh! so your normal cleaning and mopping couldn’t get the gleam back? Then how about giving the apple cider vinegar a chance? We all know it’s a splendid cleanser that works almost instantly. The acidic reaction it creates immediately after touching the surface is enough to melt the wax and dust settled on the floor, stealing the shine from it. Use it with your mop and clean the floor with it. Your vinyl will definitely dazzle after that.

  • Jojoba oil is there for stains

Sometimes the stolen shine is also accompanied by nasty stains over the vinyl floor. You would definitely have some jojoba oil in your home! Pour it over this area and scrub a little. You’ll be surprised by the results.

  • Go for floor sanding

Yes, vinyl cleaning through all these steps does promise you great results. Yet, we would suggest you opt for vinyl floor sanding via Vinyl Floor Polishing Services, the floor sander in Auckland that guarantees an instant newish shine and gleam to your surface for years to come. They are known for their professional approach and years of experience in carrying out this job. Great results are surely the outcome of sanding your floor which removes all the settled dust from it and even manages to fill the pores once again.

Now you can smile back again. Didn’t we say getting the sparkle back on your vinyl floor is an easy-peasy job? Try!  

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