M-commerce: How Can It Benefit Your Niche?

There are 3.80 billion smartphone users in the world today. Be it for business or personal activities, smartphones virtually manage communications, shopping, reminders, and other daily tasks. Thus, we can say that the ‘mobile commerce’ space is constantly emerging and is here to stay.

M-commerce has taken over traditional shopping in many areas, especially during and even post-pandemic. Due to this, businesses are investing more in designing their online store rather than walk-in stores. Let me help you to understand more about m-commerce.

A Brief Explanation of M-commerce

Popularly known as m-commerce, this online space includes everything as any e-commerce site. The only difference is that on ecommerce, you buy or sell things using any digital platform, while mobile commerce is especially for smartphones and tablets only.

The evolution of mobile commerce introduced us to a bundle of new services like:

  • Mobile banking
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital content delivery 
  • Electronic money transfer
  • Location-based services

And you can hire ecommerce app developer to help you with installing all the needful features and services to your mobile application.

Different Types of Mobile Commerce

The m-commerce world is very diverse. This digital realm has three different types of mobile transactions happening like: 

  • Mobile Banking: Transferring money from one bank account to another via a mobile device. Additionally, through mobile banking, you can do any required banking work through a mobile device itself.
  • Mobile Payments: Do payments via mobile device by using different apps. From grocery to dinner bills, you can pay everything from your desired mobile payment app. 
  • Mobile Shopping: Shopping you do through your mobile device, like buying new clothes or ordering a book.
  • Mobile advertising: Advertise through SMS, push-up notifications, and  mobile web posters.

Importance and Advantage of Mobile Commerce

It is constantly gaining popularity as it is easy and comfortable to use. Over the years, e-commerce has become one of the most effective revenue-generating mediums for companies. Moreover, business organizations can expand their horizon and even excel in their niche through m-commerce.

Advantages of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has all the elements to take the overall ecommerce shopping experience to newer heights. Here we have a list of some of the advantages of m-commerce:

  • Enhances the overall customer experience
  • Offers different payment options
  • Allows multi-channel shopping experience
  • Creates a new marketing channel
  • Provides easy store access
  • Results in cost reduction and productivity
  • Benefits from traditional retail sales

What are the Top Applications of M-commerce?

Having a glance at the top ten applications of M-commerce will leave you amazed. As it will show how m-commerce functions and how the importance of mobile phones is increasing and helping businesses.

  • M-commerce and Mobile Marketing

Business organizations can advertise their products and discount offers by sending SMS or emails to consumers. They can also give reward points to customers. This will attract and engage the customers which eventually will result in the increase in sales.

  • For Hassle-free Transactions

People can make transactions easily from anywhere to anyone through their mobile phones. Even if they want to make a payment for something, they can easily do so and can also receive a receipt regarding the payment.

  • Hotel Reservations

One can book hotel rooms online via smartphone. This makes the booking process hassle-free for the customer. They can choose the check-in and check-out date and time according to their convenience.

  • For Retail and After-Sale Services

Customers can view any product online to know its details and price. They can also buy products or can even ask for service online. Businesses can also show the wholesale and retail prices differently with minimum order quantity.

  • Healthcare and Medicine

Apart from ordering medical supplies online, patients can also send their health status or problems to their doctors and get help. These virtual treatments can be especially helpful for old people who can consult their doctors for regular check-ups from their mobile itself.

  • For Interoffice Communication-

Salespeople often have to check the latest prices and offers on the company’s products and chances are that most of the time they may not be in office. Thus, by using their smartphone application, they can easily access all the product updates from anywhere. 

  • For Food

You don’t need to even put your feet into shoes for eating food from your favorite restaurant. You can simply order it online from your phone as every detail, from ingredients to prices is available there and that’s it. A delivery man would deliver your food to your desired location.

  • For Gaming

As we are all well aware that online games are becoming very popular these days. Smartphone applications have made even multiplayer games easily accessible on your phone screens. 

  • For Information

People can check the news, sports scores, weather forecast, etc. from their phones. Also, students can check their exam results easily through the phone.

  • Mobile Entertainment

Users can access thousands of TV shows, movies, web series, songs, etc. through their portable mobile devices.

  • Mobile Ticketing

I guess we all struggled to stand in the long queue for knowing the time of trains or flights. Now, with mobile applications, you can not only see the prices or details of your transportation mode, but even book the tickets online.

Wrapping Up

M-commerce is helping businesses to reach great heights of sales and success. And I am sure after reading how m-commerce can benefit your industry; you too might want to opt for it. Ecommerce mobile app development services are a great source to installing all your desired features in your application. Not only that, they can even guide you by suggesting what is best for you according to your business.


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