Learn Which Barbecue Smoker is the Best Choice For You

If you think of crossing the line and taking the next step to do real barbecue dishes, you don’t hesitate to decide that you need a “real” Best Offset Smoker stove so you can issue some quality barbecue products.

Basically there are 3 styles of Best Offset Smokers, 4 if you are considering using gas grill, but we will stay with three for this article for more traditional barbecues. These different barbecue smokers are categorized by the design. Different styles are the type of offset, vertical and kettle.

Offset Style: This is what most people say when they visualize custom Best Offset Smoker in Texas. Basically, this design has two characteristics.

Firebox is too out of one side for wood burning, and a smoking room (or cooking) where the meat is placed on the shelf and cooked. Usually this stove has a chimney at one end, far from Firebox, and some are taken through the cooking room, on the meat and the chimney comes out. That’s how the meat accepts an extraordinary Best Offset Smokers.

Vertical style: It’s generally a rectangular box tool with a door in front. If you visualize the small shape of the fridge, it’s about the right dimensions.
The fire is built at the bottom of the box, usually there is a pot of water directly on the fire to keep the meat remains moist, on the water pot is a few wire racks that sit horizontally in the smoke room, and the meat sits on it over the shelves.
Smoke and heat are arranged through a box, repeatedly meat. The increasing smoke is what gives the delicious taste of real smoke barbecue

Kettle style: most backyard grill masters already have one of these. In fact, most have two. This is the grill made famous by the Weber Company.

It can be set up for real barbecue smoking by using the indirect cooking method and adding fuel that will make wood smoke.

This is done by building the charcoal fire on the sides of the kettle, in two separate piles on either side of the unit. The meat is then placed on the grill, between the two charcoal fires but not directly over them.

Water soaked wood chips are added to the fires to create smoke.

The unit is covered with the lid, the top and bottom vents are opened to create airflow, and the best offset smokers and heat flows up and around the meat, giving it that excellent smoked barbecue flavor.

Whichever style is chosen by the barbecue pit-master, the most important tip to remember when cooking real smoked barbecue is to cook “low and slow”. This means at low heat for a long period of time, the temperature of the cookers should be maintained at around 230 to 250 degrees.

Entry-level real barbecue cookers can be purchased at any of the big box home improvement stores, and can even be found at Wal-Mart. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars for a cooker, as great high quality barbecue can be pulled out of a $150 cooker.

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