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L Shaped baths in the UK

Are you in search of in the L Shaped baths UK?

L Shaped baths in the UK

If your space in your bathroom is a bit small, you have difficulty choosing between a shower and a bathroom and cannot easily fit both. However, no matter how small they are – the bathtub could be the perfect solution. You do not have to compromise user comfort, but you save a lot of space. You can also save money by buying L Shaped baths for two purposes.

l shaped bathsPracticality cum style – bath panels

If you want sharp lines and edges, a special L formed shower is for you: if your toilet is contemporary in design, your basin is rectangular, and your taps are all angles. Remember when you buy a bath panel that can sell separately: if you do so (or do not); you can purchase different panel finishes to match your bathroom furniture’s finish or suit your wall or floor covering. L Shaped baths can give the finishing touch to your practice, yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom in a more contemporary style than an ancient space.

A single, shaped side panel is only necessary for a recess fitted bath; you also need a bathtub when fitting your bath in a corner. Some panels must be cut to suit the installation stage, while others have to be sold precisely for a particular bath model. See which type you are supplying and make sure that they are of the right size if you purchased your panels separately from your bathroom.

Customize structure, size, and material

l shaped shower bathA typical L shaped bath with double lengths of 1500mm and 1700mm is available, so you can choose the length which best suits your space. In the shower area, which is square and surrounds by either straight or a shaped screen, a bath width of 700mm extends to 850mm. This screen can buy separately together with the tap and waste. Check the supplier of your bathroom for the price of the bathroom before you purchase.

  • The L Shower Bath is made of moulded acrylic, as with most baths. This material allows the construction of traditional materials of a wider range of shapes than in the modern era. Keep in mind that acrylic varies in quality: the thickness of the acrylic used should check for a longer bath; which means that the thicker is generally harder. The higher quality construction can be paid for a little more, but it should be worth it in the long term.
  • In the left or right versions, most models of L Shaped baths are available for the shower bath. This term refers simply to the end of the broader shower area: you can choose the end of the shower by selecting the model on the left or right in the showroom. This makes your bathroom layout fit perfectly.

Complement with disability aids

One of the pleasures of life is to relax in the bath to relieve the pains and sorrows. A bath lift can use to help disabled people and older people; who lack easy mobility to enjoy the therapeutic importance of a bath.

The bath lifts have a seat, which in turn moves up and down into the bath. The user can go from the bathroom to the seat and the elevator gently lifts the user into the bathroom. The seat also lifts the user to the top of the edges after the bath. Bath lifts do not suit users who do not have the lift’s seat or the legs lift over the bathroom rim.

For persons with these acute impairments, a hoist or a fixed elevator are more appropriate than a mobile elevator. Most of the baths on the market fit into the standard bathrooms. To keep its space, each corner of its base contains a sucker for the bath lifts. Make sure you go deep into the bathroom, to ensure a deeper bath is ensured with less water. Likewise, pillows, mats, and many other additional are available to ensure having a safe bath.

L Shaped baths at the Royal Bathrooms

Baths in your bathroom can be a helpful addition. A shower bath may be a solution if you have little space and are not able to house the large shower and full-size bath, but do not want to miss usability and comfort. So, choose your product from a reliable retailer. Search now!

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