Introduction of professional legal translation services

Since the beginning of our establishment, we have taken legal contract translation as our core business direction. We have a stable professional legal project team that can provide customers with comprehensive integrated professional translation services and solutions.

The legal documents are rigorous, and various language methods are adopted to prevent misunderstanding or ambiguity; their content must be literal and externalized, saying that one is one, and that two is two. There is no room for implicit expression and deep implication in legal documents. In terms of terminology, in addition to technical terms, legal documents also commonly use some ancient words and old words. You can access juristische Übersetzer Profi Fachübersetzung for high quality work. 


 Legal translation is very demanding on translators. Our translators have the following characteristics:


  1. Possess profound language skills, strong understanding and expression skills


  2. Master the complete legal knowledge


  3. Rigorous work attitude and high sense of responsibility


  Based on the practice of legal contract translation, we abide by the following principles in translation:


  1. Principles of accuracy and precision;


  2. The principle of clarity and conciseness;


  3. The principles of consistency and identity;


  4. The principle of language standardization.


Main service areas of legal translation


  Laws and regulations, legal opinions, legal industry consulting reports, legal contracts, due diligence, court notarized materials, arbitration documents, litigation documents, subpoenas, civil and commercial affairs, real estate, marriage and family, torts, corporate cases, major criminal cases, death penalty cases, major Civil and commercial cases, intellectual property rights, immigration and investment and other foreign-related legal affairs, international trade, international taxation, private equity, maritime affairs, foreign exchange transactions, payment and settlement, etc.


Main content of legal translation


  Legal and regulatory translation, lease contract translation, real estate contract translation, labor contract translation, employment contract translation, business contract translation, foreign trade contract translation, service contract translation, sales contract translation, insurance contract translation, confidentiality agreement translation, supplementary agreement translation, cooperation agreement Translation, commission agreement translation, divorce agreement translation, transfer agreement translation, litigation and arbitration translation, legal works translation, legal document translation, court document translation, announcement translation, patent translation, engineering contract translation, loan contract translation, transfer contract translation, joint venture contract Translation, financing contract translation, equity transfer agreement, legal interpretation translation, court interpretation, etc.


Advantages of legal translation services


  Senior legal adviser support


  Provide legal translation and consulting services to meet all your needs for legal translation services.


  Strong legal translation team


  Hundreds of translators and reviewers with legal background with more than 35 years of translation experience can meet the translation needs of different types of legal documents of customers.


  Rich language assets


  In the past 25 years, massive legal terminology and corpus resources have been accumulated. For legal translation, we are the professional choice.


  Strict quality control standards


  The self-developed production and management platform is equipped with experienced project management personnel, and the legal documents are managed in strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard to ensure the quality of translation.


  Strictly observe confidentiality obligations


  Legal documents are characterized by high confidentiality. We strictly fulfill the confidentiality obligations of customer information and strictly implement confidentiality agreements signed with customers.

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