How To Stop Your Car Wrap From Fading Quickly?

There’s no denying that wrapping your vehicle can be exciting and will make your car look more attractive than before. Some people do it to showcase their personalization, while others do it for business & advertising purposes. But, only applying the vehicle wrap isn’t the end of the road since you need to take proper care for the same. Taking ideal care of your car wrap will not only extend its durability but also protect it from fading.

The following are some of the best techniques that you can follow to prevent your car wrap from fading.

Proper Methods To Prevent Your Car Wrap From Fading

1. Protect Your Car Wrap From External Weathering Elements

While it might sound obvious but the sun is the primary reason why your vehicle wrap might be fading. According to an expert offering car wrapping services in Brisbane, when you’re not using your vehicle, be sure to keep it covered using a high-quality car cover that offers UV protection. Furthermore, excess snow or rainwater can also fade your car wrap, which is why you have to keep your vehicle inside your garage or even a carport, especially during the monsoon & winter season.

2. Cleaning Your Car

If you can keep your car clean regularly, then the car wrap will also be able to last for a long time. We highly recommend the use of a good-quality car shampoo along with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, so that the cleaning process doesn’t damage the texture & integrity of the car wrap. Regularly cleaning your car will also prevent the onset of dirt, debris and other contaminants on the surface of the car wrap, leading to very minimal scratches.

When cleaning, remember to not scrub too hard. In case you’re not confident about the same, then you can opt for an automatic car wash instead.

3. Opting For A Professional Car Wrap Installer

When you hire a professional car wrap installer, you can be sure that your vehicle wrap will be installed perfectly and will look great for the longest possible time. While the installation of car wraps might look like an easy job, trust us when we say that it’s not. Improper installation of car wraps will lead to premature fading and thereby can damage its entire structural integrity.

4. Avoid Waxing Your Car Wraps

Even though waxing can help you to protect your vehicle from wear & tear, it can easily shorten the life of your vinyl car wrap and will eventually degrade its overall quality. That’s why we would not suggest polishing or waxing your car wrap. Only follow the cleaning procedure that we have mentioned earlier and you’ll be good to go.

5. Eliminate Stains As Soon As They Happen

There will be moments when your beautiful car wrap might be stained for any possible reason, be it due to bird poop, mud splashes, oil stains or any other. Although vinyl can withstand such stains, you have to make it a habit to eliminate them as they happen. Otherwise, these stains can eventually fade your car wrap, especially in the areas where the stains had taken place. Thus, if you want your car wrap to have the longest longevity, clean stains as they take place.

In case you have any further queries, be sure to connect with our experts without any hesitation.

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