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How to reduce double chin with kybella treatment in Beverly hills?

Are you battling with low self-esteem, and you’re feeling older and heavier because of a double chin? Now, you can do away with that bulging bag below your chic. And this is also medically known as submental fullness, which you can do away with Kybella Beverly Hills medspa.

Kybella is a new advanced cosmetic procedure that safely and effectively eliminates that stubborn fat underneath your chic. What a relief. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Oh yes, who needs liposuction when there’s a non-invasive treatment like Kybella? It’s also fast with a permanent result. 

This treatment is for you if you feel damn uncomfortable carrying that double chin around. And you want to take facial which enhance your profile appearance without surgery. 

So, if you’re curious about this exciting Kybella treatment, we shall apprise you more. For starters, what is this treatment? It’s a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance that allows us to absorb fat. And this acid is what destroys the unwanted fat.

Double chin is a prevalent skin condition affecting a large portion of people. It could be as a result of being overweight or purely genetic. And considering the position of this stubborn fat, it could be so challenging to get rid of it. And sometimes, you may even try some specific exercise and dieting with no response. 

But thank goodness, there’s Kybella Beverly hills treatment that can quickly help you solve this issue in a painless procedure. 

Allergan commissioned a survey to understand the personal impact of people with a double chin and how others view them. The meeting held in Orlando for Americans aged 18 and 65 years revealed the findings below:

 What’s Double chin Impact on Self-Perception, Social Perceptions, and Behavior?

  • According to 49 percent of those with submental fat, they said this condition affected their appearance negatively. And 47 percent reported being troubled by this area beneath the chin.  
  • About 45 percent of respondents felt like others could notice their submental fat.  
  • The female respondents that reported being disturbed by the double chin were 55 percent (n=1,025) compared to 40 percent (n=971) of male respondents.

 Behavior changes acquired by these respondents to address their double chin issues were as follows:

  • Despite being in the era of the selfie, 35 percent shied away from photos. 
  • About 35 percent avoided video chats and conference calls from Zoom, Meeting, Skype, or other means. (n=488)1
  • About 29 percent of younger men preferred to grow beards in the hope of hiding the fat beneath the chin. (n=971)1 
  • After examining some photographs of individuals with various levels of submental fullness, 78 percent of respondents said they noticed a woman’s double chin more than that of a man. 

What to Expect from Kybella Treatment?

Before you start this therapy, you have to ensure you’re the right candidate. Then schedule your appointment before planning for significant events. Clean your face thoroughly, especially the target area, to avoid any risk of infection. Avoiding ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and other blood thinners will help to prevent bruising.

And how do you know you’re an ideal candidate for Kybella? By talking to your physician or a skilled Kybella practitioner. And these are some of the things you need to share as a patient: 

  • Inform your doctor if you have any medical conditions that you think your esthetician should know. 
  • If you recently had any facial surgery or plan to have one soon, inform your care provider.
  • Inform if you have difficulty swallowing or taking medications like blood thinners.
  • It’s also crucial to inform if you’re nursing, expecting, or planning to conceive soon. However, there’s no evidence to show if Kybella can harm the unborn child.

 If your physician approves, you’re fit for this treatment; he will proceed. Generally, Kybella Beverly Hills treatment is a painless therapy, so you shouldn’t fret. First, the aesthetician will apply a topical anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed. Plus, this prevents any possible pain that may occur. 

Next step, your caregiver will proceed with the injection process using a tiny needle on the target area. And this will destroy that stubborn fat beneath your chin. 

Kybella’s Side Effects

As this is a minimally invasive procedure, you can only expect some minor adverse reactions. Some common ones include slight swelling, numbness, and minor bruising in the treated area. But this doesn’t last long, as it improves after a few days.

Nerve injury in the jaw is a rare adverse reaction that may cause difficulty swallowing or an uneven smile. Otherwise, you’ll be risking your life as deoxycholic acid can kill other cells if a trained healthcare professional does not handle this treatment. Also, consult your health caregiver if you feel weird after the treatment. 

Why you Should Consider Kybella Beverly Hills

  • Since most people don’t have much time nowadays, they can quickly have this therapy as an in-office treatment. Guys, it only takes 15-20 minutes. Most people have seen visible outcomes after having 2-4 treatment sessions. But with a spacing of six weeks. 
  • Kybella has been a safe therapy for treating double chin since it got FDA approval in 2005.
  • It’s a treatment that’s non-invasive, which means it doesn’t need to bog you down. That’s different from most surgical procedures, which may put you on several days waiting to heal. 

How Much Does Kybella Treatment Cost?

On average, each Kybella treatment session may range between $1,200 to $1,800. But several factors might affect your total cost. Unfortunately, your medical insurance does not work here.

  • One of the things to factor in is your doctor’s or caregiver fee.
  • Your location
  • The number of treatments required. Each person may need specific sessions, as this depends on the amount of fat underneath the chin. 
  • Kybella is considered a cosmetic procedure, and that’s why medical insurance does not cover it.
In Conclusion, if you’re having issues with self-esteem due to a double chin, you shouldn’t. Instead, go for Kybella Beverly Hills treatments, and you’ll get a slenderer chin through this revolutionary treatment. It’s a safer alternative to surgical procedures such as liposuction. 

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