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How to Get Speakers on Board for Your Next Event?

The inclusion of guest speakers is more than necessary in the events specifically targeted at education, networking opportunities, and sharing information about specific industries. These speakers are usually influential and renowned names in the particular field and have extensive knowledge, advice, and tips to share with the event attendees and help them excel in their ventures.

The point of concern here is that finding the right speaker for your event and convincing them to be a part of it is not an easy drill. You might not have connections with the speaker that can boost their interest in the event. So, you have to come up with strategies and ideas to attract the speakers to your event and make sure they address the attendees and add value to your event.

If you are concerned about how you can get speakers on board for your next event, then keep reading this article, and you will have a clear plan in front of you.

Top 7 Tips to Find the Best Speakers for Your Event

Speakers are usually people in higher positions. They have busy schedules and much more else on their plate to take care of. So, they won’t be as excited to receive your event invitation as other attendees. However, you cannot quit the idea thinking that. You have to do your work and use all the strategies you can think of to make them appear at your event.

Here are some of the major tips to help you find and scout the best speakers for your next event.

1. Identify Audience Interests

The basic tip that you need to follow for getting the right speakers onboard is identifying the interest of your audiences, as well as the objectives of your event. In case you are organizing a technology conference, your audience will be eager to know the journey of emerging tech giants, who will be the perfect fit as speakers for your event.

2. Optimize Your Market Research

The next tip you should follow to find the perfect speakers for your next event is to optimize your market research. It means that you need to research the speakers, emerging talents, and other such personalities that are roving recognition or even just working hard to drive the change. Some organizers even hire event companies in Dubai and let the expert carry on market research, as well as take care of all the other proceedings to get speakers on board.

3. Explore Work of Suitable Speakers

Once you have conducted the market research and have a few ideal speakers for your event, the next step is to explore their work and interests. You might have only shortlisted the speakers by checking their industry and field. Learning about their work and interests in detail will help you acknowledge how they will add value to your event and how they would impact the attendees.

4. Reach Out to Ideal Speakers

The next tip to get speakers on board for your next event is to reach out to the ideal speakers. You can send them an email or get an appointment with them to discuss the matter in detail. However, in most of cases, an invitational email is circulated to the speakers asking them to respond to it by the given time. Make sure to put effort into email while keeping it professional.

5. Work on Value Proposition

The next tip of winning the favor of speakers and making sure they join your event is to work on the value proposition. Once you have finalized the names from your side, it only depends on the speakers if they wish to associate with your event or not. In your invitational email, you must highlight the goals of your event and how they align with the work and interest of the speaker to motivate them to give their precious time.

6. Share Clear Details

One of the basic tips you must follow to get the perfect speakers on board for your next event is to share the clear details of the event in an email or invitation. It should include the date, venue, and time of the event. You can also share the highlights of the event and the exact time the speaker will need to go on stage. It can help them check or rearrange their schedule to make things work.

7. Mobilize Partners

The last and most effective tip of finding and getting speakers onboard for your next event is to mobilize your partners. If you are thinking about who your partners are, then it is your sponsors and event organizers. The sponsors may not be able to convince the speakers. So, it is better to hire event companies and let the professionals find and get speakers onboard in which they are quite skilled and have extensive experience too.

Get speakers on board and ensure a successful event!

Now that you know the tips to get speakers onboard, follow them and achieve success. However, if you are still struggling, get in touch with professional organizers and let them approach and get speakers on board for your event.

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Louis Rolen

Louis Rolen is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to, Explore Insiders, PrePosting and others blogs. He writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business. He believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

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