How to Choose the Right Metro Tiles in the UK?

Tiles have been the centuries-old favourite home embellishment technique. People have designed and handcrafted tiles for so long. The tile trends come from the weirdest places, like these Metro Tiles inspired from the London Underground Subway.

The Uniqueness of Metro Tiles

The crisp and neat finish of the metro tile is vintage, along with a hint of modern touch to it. The metro tile’s brick bond and smooth rectangle versions are both still in style. The British love the geometrical finish of the tile giving it a 3D effect. It is fit for any wall of the house. Mostly used on backsplashes in kitchens as one simple wipe is certain to remove all the stains from the wall. The tile is famous for its chic and industrial vibe at home. It looks neatly glossy on the walls of bathrooms and cloakrooms. No matter what you need to change in your house, you can always update your room quick and easy with this ceramic touch.

They come in a fine range of colours. The palette is pastel and white, just simple and vintage for your house. It displays the trendy vibe of the room by its shades and gloss finish. The bonding and grouting procedure finishes the wall look miraculously.

Price Range

Metro Tiles UK is inexpensive and reasonable. It is strange how something this popular, however affordable, can change the entire look of the house. Not only in homes and apartments but they are also used in cafés and coffee shops you walk by the beautiful roads of London at the corner. Even shopkeepers suggest these vintage metro tiles for installation.

How to Select the Right Metro Tile?

Room With Multicolored Wall Tiles

As Metro Tiles are one of the most popular and top-rated tiles in the United Kingdom, they are available for both mercantile and domestic use. Every place you fit these tiles, there might be a few tips to keep in mind while doing so.

Bevelled Metro Tile

Exceptional for kitchen backsplashes and celling high idea on the backsplash space, it will look stunning with bevelled metro tile. The pastel light colours will give the kitchen a homey vibe to the house. Especially if there is a family, the baby colours will be suitable.

Non-Bevelled Metro Tile

The sleek and fresh look you can provide to your interior needs a black and white metro tile. Glossier the better. Opt for plain sleek wooden cupboards with the block-patterned tiles behind. It gives a complete scenic finish to your place.

Bathroom Metro Tile

The trendiest way you can fit these tiles is in bathrooms. Opt for a different pattern; vertical, vertical brick and herringbone are famous among other patterns in the bathroom. The pattern affects the entire interior design. Opt for a more bold or neutral colour palette for your bathroom.

The rest of the installation of tile is easy if you desire to work on the wall yourself. You can purchase the grout material and adhesive from a store and easily place them in different ideas.

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