Here’s what users think about top telemedicine software in 2021

Telemedicine software has changed the way we practice healthcare. These solutions enable doctors to interact with patients using remote technologies, which has proved very significant for practices with dispersed rural populations. Not only this, but patients who have pre-existing health concerns or want to gain access to specialists beyond what is locally available, can also take benefit from this technology. You can explore telemedicine software reviews to shortlist the top products for your organization. 

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, this technology has gained skyrocketing popularity. Telemedicine is an immediately accessible and the most convenient option for patients that are hesitant to come to the clinic for routine complaints, as well as for some practices running with reduced hours. It is available on a 24/7 basis, thus appears to be an attractive option for patients seeking care. With the best telemedicine software at your hand, you can support remote clinical care and allow patient and provider interactions online. 

In this article, we will feature the best telemedicine software as well as point out why you should consider them. 

  • is an easy-to-use, secure telemedicine software reviews solution that runs in any browser. You don’t have to download or configure any additional software as it is a simple platform that usually supports integration with (EHR) best electronic health records or PM (Practice Management) software. While users appreciate it in many ways, the drawback is that there are no mobile apps, which users find comparatively easier to use on Android and iOS. That said, the biggest selling point attributed to this system is that it is free to use for unlimited video, voice, and message communications, making it an invaluable tool for practices with budgetary constraints. 

The vendor also offers some paid tiers, which add more features beyond the basics. Although the free version is HIPAA compliant, both the Clinic and Professional tiers give additional security and encryption. Another shortcoming of the basic version is that it supports low video quality. 

Why opt for

  • Free trial and tier
  • Self-hosted option
  • Runs in the browser 
  • Mend

Mend is a fully-functional telemedicine solution that is designed to increase practice efficiency and profitability by reducing the volume of missed appointments. It offers automated SMS appointment reminders, patient self-scheduling, online forms, all of these together significantly reduce no-shows. This platform is an integrated AI-enabled system for healthcare practices to streamline telehealth services and patient engagement. 

Most users feel that the software efficiently enables secure one-on-one or group virtual care sessions with remote accessibility from any device. In addition to this, it automates appointment scheduling and intake and allows patients to self-schedule and receive reminders, intake forms, and more. There is a unique predictive module that lets practices minimize no-shows and cancellations and boost revenue. 

Why opt for Mend?

  • Offers ease of use
  • Simplifies workflows
  • Reduces missed appointments 
  • swyMed

swyMed offers a cloud-based telemedicine solution for healthcare setups, including emergency response programs, hospital and home health monitoring settings. The platform makes this possible by offering a mobile solution that supports high-quality communications over limited bandwidth, as low as 60 kbps. For hospital setups, swyMed supports integration with (EHR) best electronic health records, PM, and other medical devices. This lets the platform link up doctors with patients, clinics, and labs simultaneously. 

It is designed to help users with the shortage of providers, especially specialists and to meet the needs of rural healthcare. With the help of remote technologies, doctors feel they  can provide care to patients who cannot visit because of their pre-existing health concerns or due to geographical constraints. On top of this, hospitals and less populated areas can utilize this technology to fill in their staffing needs, while meeting standards. Practices can also increase their productivity by avoiding time-wasting and burdensome travel between practices separated by geography. To obtain the telemedicine software cost for this product, you have to request the vendor for a custom quote. 

Why opt for swyMed?

  • Multiple options to receive support
  • On-premise deployment option
  • Can integrate with hospital equipment 
  • AMC Health

AMC Health delivers an advanced telemedicine solution that focuses on care coordination and health monitoring via FDA approved medical devices. It includes Bluetooth connectivity and tracking to allow remote devices to send biometric data, which can be provided either by the caregiver or a patient. Moreover, the software supports patient personalization with a dashboard summary that runs in real-time so you can easily make early assessments. 

In addition, you can configure the data into workflows. Unlike other telemedicine products that focus on delivering care on demand in response to a certain event, such as the onset of a new symptom, AMC Health’s is designed to care for the long-term management of chronic medical conditions. 

Why opt for AMC Health?

  • Real time data acquisition
  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Research and clinical trial options 
  • DrChrono

DrChrono offers an integrated solution for facilities ranging from smaller ambulatory clinics to larger health systems and organizations. It includes e-prescribing, configurable medical forms, scheduling and more along with access to more than 40,000 labs. Features like video consultations and patient scheduling are added directly into its EHR system. Patients can easily access televisits with the help of a link provided by their healthcare practitioners. 

The telehealth solution by DrChrono allows you to schedule and conduct virtual care sessions directly from your EHR. Its easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant video visits allows you to create online appointments. Send automated emails without requiring any additional downloads, software, or burdensome set-ups. Therefore, You can learn how to conduct video visits directly from the EHR to enhance patient care and save time. 

Why opt for DrChrono?

  • Suitable for practices of all sizes
  • Offers ease of use
  • Comprehensive suite of features

Final thoughts

It is really no longer a question if telemedicine is the future of healthcare, because it is. Virtual care visits and advanced healthcare software make the process of care more effective and efficient. You can read multiple telemedicine software reviews to find out which one of the above-mentioned solutions will serve in your interest.

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