From Beaded Cuff Bracelet to Classic Choker: How to Layer Jewelry

If you want to show off your jewelry, such as your beaded cuff bracelet and a bangle, you can layer your pieces. However, there are some general style rules for layering rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to layering your favorite jewelry.

Build a Foundation with a Beaded Cuff Bracelet or Other Focus Piece

Your first step is to build a foundation. You can do this with a statement piece, like a beaded cuff bracelet or choker necklace. This will be the focal point that helps hold the layers together. Your initial jewelry choice will help you decide the rest of the pieces, as well as their colors, style, and more. You might want this anchor piece to have a bit of color to let it pop.

Mix-and-Match Styles with Lariats and Choker Necklaces

With necklaces, you want to mix and match styles. Consider pairing a classic choker with a dance necklace or lariat necklace. This creates a contrast and depth to the layers. You can wear a delicate chain and a chunky chain necklace to create texture, as well. You can also do this with rings, wearing different textures and styles on a single hand. Some like to wear similar colors of bracelets. But it’s up to you to mix and match and see what fits your personal style.

Play Around with Different Lengths of Jewelry

You can also play around with different lengths of necklaces. A drop necklace can combine with a choker and a lariat, or you could simply wear chains of varying sizes. The key is to have three or four necklaces with different lengths. The initial piece should be shorter than the others. Then, add a longer one and then the longest for dimension between your necklaces. You can play around with different rings. Stack bands with stones and more ornate pieces until you achieve your desired result. Large cuffs and petite bracelets or bangles can also flatter a wrist.

Use Similar or Different Metals Throughout Your Look

Whether you use similar or different metals depends on the jewelry. If you have a silver beaded cuff bracelet, consider pairing it with a gold cuff bracelet. This can add a fun pop of color and provide contrast. Ring stacks may feature different colors. Try a gold ring with a drusy stone paired with an ornate silver band. However, with necklaces, you typically want to stick with similar metal colors. You want to have unity between the pieces, helping them integrate better with each other. This isn’t as much of a concern with bracelets.

Vary Sizes of Jewelry on Your Neck, Wrists, and Fingers

You will also want to vary the sizes of jewelry. If two of the necklaces have pendants, choose a small pendant and a long or larger pendant. If you have different sizes of rings, mix and match with some broader bands and more petite ones. You can also vary the size of your bracelets to make your arm more visually interesting.

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