Do You Need A Roof Restoration Dandenong Before A Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are an excellent method to save money on electricity costs. They are an environmentally friendly, green alternative to traditional energy sources that may help you lower your carbon impact. Rooftop solar panels have recently gained popularity among all types of consumers, owing to their cheap availability and declining costs. However, a critical difficulty that many customers have throughout the installation procedure is roofing issues. Building roofs are frequently damaged or deteriorating, because they are simply not powerful enough to support the new solar system.

In this post, you will examine the Roof Restoration in Dandenong challenges that come during the construction of a solar PV system. You will discover if you should replace your roof before adding solar panels.

Is It Necessary To Check Your Roof Health Before Installation

Before installing solar panels, you should inspect your roof to see whether it needs to be repaired. Solar panel installation can cause damage to existing roofs. This is because the tiles are more brittle and may not withstand the panel installation process as well. Before installing solar panels, any problems should be resolved.

Factors To Consider If You Need ARoof Restoration Dandenong

  1. The state of your roof:

If you have maintained your roof and had roof restorations every 10-15 years during the life of your roof, the protective coating on your tile will last longer. If your tiles are exposed and the protective covering has worn away, they will deteriorate over time. They will become brittle if not recoated for an extended period, necessitating a roof replacement. Installing solar panels on fragile, exposed tiles will lead to problems in the future and should be avoided.

  1. Your home’s roof’s age:

Because solar panels may endure for more than 25 years, you will need to perform some roof maintenance during that period. Get your roof in the greatest condition possible before installing the panels, and you should be OK for at least the next ten years.

How Much Does The Roof Restoration Services Cost On Roof Area?
  1. Does Your Roof Leak?

Covering leaky tiles with solar panels will not help the leaks go away; it will just make them more difficult to repair. Even if it is under your solar panels, water will move down your roof to locate an entry hole. Water stains on your ceiling or cornice boards, as well as the sound of water trickling in your walls after a rainstorm, indicate a leaky roof.

  1. What About Your Finance?

That is dependent on the state of your roof. If you do not restore your roof beforehand, you will incur the extra expense of removing and reinstalling your solar panels, which, depending on the number of solar panels, can add up to a thousand dollars to the cost of your roof restoration. Alike you think, don’t want to pay any extra or hidden cost to the installation and maintenance that is really safe and comfort to your daily life.

Key Takeaways

It is a significant financial outlay to both fix your roof and install solar panels on your home. Many businesses offer interest-free payment arrangements for both to soften the pain. We are Top Glaze Roofing Systems with 30 years of experience and multiple ongoing projects. We are always ready to add glory to your home with a wonderful restoration process.

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