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Different Ways to Promote on Instagram [Pros & Cons]

If you’ve been using Instagram for a time, you’ve certainly noticed adverts from businesses appearing in your feed – and you’re probably thinking that using Instagram ads is the next step for your business. Instagram may be an excellent advertising tool because it enables you to expand your brand organically and run ads that increase the number of eyeballs that notice your posts. Instagram advertising contributes to the growth of your website’s traffic and brand exposure.

However, there are several drawbacks to advertising on Instagram, particularly its larger sister site, Facebook. Instagram advertisements are less complex than Facebook, and Instagram linking has been demonstrated to be less effective than on Facebook. Instagram’s user base is smaller, which makes it a less effective advertising platform than Facebook.

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of Instagram advertising is critical before your organization takes the plunge into Instagram advertising.

Pros of Instagram Advertising

Instagram Ads Increase Your Website’s Traffic

In contrast to regular, organic Instagram posts, Instagram advertisements enable you to embed clickable links in your promoted posts. This is a primary reason to consider Instagram advertising. The ability to incorporate a call-to-action and a link into an advertising post is quite beneficial for increasing visitors to your business’s website. This capability is not available for posts that have not been enhanced as advertising.

Increased Visibility Through Instagram Ads

The greatest challenge that any business faces regarding social media marketing are breaking through the cacophony of millions of postings competing for attention. Pay to play is the simplest and most successful method of accomplishing this. You must generate captivating Instagram posts that entice people to follow and engage with you. Simply paying to have your post appear in your target audience’s feed does not guarantee that you will be followed. Curating a fantastic Instagram feed takes a lot of imagination and dedication to grow a following and achieve your desired engagement. Instagram advertisements will assist you in reaching that goal by ensuring that your posts are seen.

Instagram Advertisements Boost Brand Awareness

When you promote an Instagram post as an advertisement, it will display in your target audience’s newsfeed without appearing out of place or disruptive. If you promote on Instagram with an Instagram story, the advertisement will appear in between tales when a person views the stories of other users they follow. These discreet advertisements can significantly boost your business’s brand recognition.

As with Facebook advertising, your business may control the budget, audience, and duration of an Instagram ad. When creating your audience, you have the option of specifying demographic information such as age range, gender, location, and interests. This enables you to focus your advertisements and reach folks who are most likely to be interested in what you’re advertising.

Instagram Provides Advertising Opportunities

Another advantage of advertising on Instagram is that businesses may manage their Instagram ads through their Facebook Ads Manager account. Today, Facebook Ads is the most advanced social media advertising platform, and Instagram ads benefit from Facebook Ads’ scale. Instagram advertising allows you to target specific objectives such as increasing link clicks, visits to your business’s Instagram profile, and visibility.

Instagram adverts also provide a variety of advertising alternatives. Businesses can promote films, single photos, or multi-photo carousel advertisements. Additionally, advertising within Instagram stories is an option! Instagram is constantly adding new features, which means that advertising opportunities on the platform will continue to expand over time.


Cons of Instagram Advertising

Instagram Links Are Ineffective in Comparison to Facebook Links

Instagram is not a click-friendly site, as users are unable to include clickable links in their posts. This means that a billion individuals who use Instagram never click but only double-tap to indicate their approval of the posts they see.

A business can add a link to a post by boosting it. This is a significant benefit for firms seeking to increase traffic to their websites. However, our research indicates that link clicks on Instagram are now less popular than on Facebook. Instagram users frequently skim through their feeds, double-tap on a post to like it, and then move on. While Instagram’s visual aspect is beneficial in many respects, it becomes a double-edged sword when considering how simple it is to see and like an Instagram photo without reading the message. While advertising on Instagram allows for the inclusion of clickable links, those links are less likely to be used than those included in a Facebook campaign. If your objective is to increase visitors to your website. You should compare Instagram advertisements versus Facebook ads to see which platform provides the best results.

Instagram’s Audience

Instagram is a widely-used network with over one billion monthly active users — a cause to promote on Instagram. Why not, given the volume of activity on the platform? Perhaps, however, it is necessary to go deeper into the data. Despite Instagram’s enormous user base, the vast majority of its users are between 18 and 29. This is excellent if your brand is aiming to engage young people.

However, firms targeting an older demographic may be cautious about spending in Instagram marketing, as many of their potential customers do not use the platform, at least not actively. These firms may decide that investing more time and resources in advertising on other platforms, such as Facebook, is more worthwhile. Our advice is to try Instagram advertisements and compare the outcomes to similar ads placed on Facebook or other networks.

Instagram’s Advertising Features Are Less Sophisticated

Advertising on Instagram is really simple, which makes it convenient – this is a plus, right? Not usually, as the simpler Instagram ads lack the power of Facebook ads. With Facebook, you can create a Like ad campaign that will automatically grow your page’s followers. But Instagram does not offer this option. Additionally, Facebook advertising allows for more precise targeting than Instagram advertisements can.

Although your business can use Facebook Ads Manager to manage Instagram advertising. The options on Instagram are now more limited than on Facebook. Instagram advertisements can still be beneficial and effective – but not as much as a Facebook advertisement.

Determining whether or not to utilize Instagram advertisements can appear to be a tough undertaking when considering the benefits and drawbacks. Our advice is to evaluate the Instagram advertising platform.

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