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Creative Bedding Ideas For All Types Of Beds

There is no better feeling than getting into a cozy and comfy bed. This is only made better by having even more comfortable and plushy bedding that will instantly relax your body and mind and put you right to sleep. Different beds need different types of bedding so let’s take a look at some creative bedding ideas that you can try out.

Diwan beds

Traditionally in India, most houses have the diwan bed in some shape or form. Back when people did not know the concept of sofas and such seating arrangements, houses used to have these beds with round cylindrical pillows and were super comfortable to take a midday nap on. The modern day version of these beds have amped up their style quotient and figuring out bedding for these has become pretty simple. Just add some accented cylindrical pillows and a throw blanket and voila, you’re done. The simplicity of divan beds is what still makes them such a favorite in India to this day. You can easily enjoy a cup of tea, a book or a nap on these comfortable beds.

Single Beds

The absolutely perfect bed for a smaller room, a single bed is the most convenient bed type for most places. What’s even better is that these days, single beds come in various sizes and types and are opted for the most by students living away from home or working adults who need to travel a lot and don’t spend much time at home. A single bed leaves space in your room for other furniture and can be done up in many ways. Let your bed be the focal point of your room and add some patterned and plushy bed covers and comforters. Keep the pillows to a minimum but add a pop of color with bright pillow cases. Choose light colored bedding material to give the illusion of a bigger bed.

Double Beds/King Size Beds

The most common bed type, the double bed, is as comfortable as it is big. The size of these double beds may vary from model to model but the amount of space they offer will allow you to try different bedding styles on them. If your double bed is in a slightly larger than normal room, make it the anchor and draw attention to it by using bedding that has bold patterns or colors. Use accented pillows of the same shape but different sizes to add some dimension and keep a plush comforter that is tucked in on the ends for a luxurious look and feel. You can use different color themes and various looks, depending on how you want the room to look. Colors play a huge role in making a space look big or small.

Bunk Beds

These are a children’s favorite and are usually found in rooms that aren’t that big in size. The best thing about bunk beds is that they usually have storage space which can be used to store some extra bedding. The bedding for bunk beds can be colorful and whimsical as it is for children and teens. Using cushions and fluffy comforters can be a great addition to some cartoon patterned bedsheets.

Bedding can be used in different ways to create different looks so don’t be afraid to experiment. The bedding in your room plays a huge role in bringing the room together and creating a cohesive look, so choose your materials accordingly.


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