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Check Up On The Air Conditioning Of Your Car

e you seeing some problems with your air conditioning in the car? Then it is time that you check up on it.

You may be facing some problems with the air circulation of your car. This is because your air conditioning system is facing some problems. It is for these dire of dire crises that you might need Car Air Conditioning Bolton. These are experience people that can take care of your car’s air conditioning system any time of the year.

Before we get into the problems of air conditioning, you must have a clear understanding of how it works and all the different parts, that combined makes a functioning air conditioner.

Five parts make up a complete air conditioning unit. They each have the work that they do. And together, they function as an air conditioner. So, here is the breakdown of all the parts.

Compressor: This part functions to compress the refrigerant gas. This gas is commonly known as Freon. Now compressing gas required energy. That energy is drawn from the electric supply to the air conditioner. To make the process occur the potential energy of the electricity is transform into kinetic energy.

Condenser: The compressed gas, when passed through a coiling tube, that uses outside air to cool the gas down, turns into liquid. This part hence effectively condenses hot gas into a liquid.

There are mainly two types of condensers

  1. Non-serpentine condenser: This one is a parallel design condenser. The main drawback of this is that this one can not be flush to clean. If it gets clog, you must replace it.
  2. Serpentine condenser: This one is a coiled design. This one can be flush, unlike the other one. It only require a car air conditioner flushing kit to just get the job done.

Accumulator: This is a valve that stops the refrigerant from flowing. Mainly, this part is responsible for changing high-pressure liquid into low-pressure mist. This is assemble near the evaporator. Therefore, the low-pressure mist enters the evaporator.

Evaporator: This part is where there is a motor blower that distributes the cold water into the inside of the car. The water essentially atomizes due to the force of the air and the distance that it travels.

This whole process needs to take place before the cool comfortable air hits your face. Having air-conditioned cars are a blessing on a hot summer day. This is why when the air conditioning breaks down, it can be very annoying.

When Is It Time To See The Mechanic For My Car Air Conditioning?

Well, ideally, whenever you get your car to servicing, you must also include a close inspection of the air conditioning system. The air conditioning is an integral part of your car.

But sometimes it might so happen that you had checked your air conditioning prior and still are facing some problems in the system. Then you must consult an experienced mechanic.

Here are the symptoms that you should be getting if your air conditioning system is struggling

If the cabin temperature is taking too long to go down: Usually the air conditioning system in each vehicle is apt to get the cabin space cooled very quickly.

If the unit is making noise: if the air conditioning unit of your car is making any buzzing or sharp noises, then there is some blockage that needs to be fix.

This all requires some special skills. These skilled people can help you, for example, the ones at car service. If you have any problems, be it regarding the air conditioning system or any other ones in your vehicle. They can fix it by taking one look at it. So go get your air conditioning systems checked now.


Sky Smith is a freelance writer and author with over 5 years of experience in various subjects ranging from finance, business, and health to fashion, travel, and technology. Although Sky is young and very ambitious in her writing career. Sky launched her own guest posting sites i.e, Blogg Booster for writers who wish to submit their posts for review by other writers or publishers.

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