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Best Alternatives to ReactJS: 11 Frameworks You Can Choose From

ReactJS is one of the most used and popular web application frameworks preferred by the majority of product owners because of its reusability and simple coding. Since it’s a JS library, your development team gets access to a wide range of tools and features for building an impressive web app. ReactJS is mainly used for building single-page apps. The presence of SPA and virtual DOM are major influencing USPs of this ReactJS.

Since millions of websites are not SPAs, ReactJS’s USP doesn’t go further for usage, which makes you look for its alternatives and the best one to select out of them. But why do product owners look for ReactJS alternatives in particular? Let us take a look at some uncompromising advantages of ReactJS in web application development to understand why product owners hire ReactJS developers to build apps.

  • API
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Package Size
  • Ecosystem Support

Finding an appropriate ReactJS alternative is a quite compelling task because it’s tough to find a perfect match considering the stability and robust ecosystem support along with API performance offered by ReactJS.

Why are Product Owners Seeking Alternatives to ReactJS?

Well, It might be a common question among beginners because no one would happily prefer to leave ReactJS after knowing its comprehensive benefits. However, product owners still seek reliable alternatives for ReactJS; here are some critical reasons that trigger them worldwide to seek the best ReactJS alternatives.

  • Challenging to manage extensive React JS library
  • The steep learning curve for application development
  • Lacks in MVC Architecture
  • Not so easy for beginners

Here in this write-up, we have thoroughly listed the top 11 best React JS alternatives for startups/business owners’ expertise.

Top ReactJS Alternatives

Inferno JS

Inferno is a high-profile ReactJS alternative, which offers comprehensive features to surprise your development team and users. It provides you with the quickest JS libraries, and it has been under active usage by various businesses and individual developers since 2016. If you are seeking an application that matches your performance expectations, Inferno JS would be your suitable choice.

  • HyperScript like JSX, Vanilla createElement method
  • Popular state management libraries like Redux, MobX, and Cerebral JS


React-Lite is one of the lightest versions of ReactJS and comprises a library in the same manner. It is neither the smallest nor the quickest library as an alternative to React JS library. 

Your development team can utilize its webpack alias straightaway as this framework doesn’t need any compatibility package as Inferno and Preact do require. 

  • Higher compatibility level than Inferno and Preact
  • It doesn’t support server-side rendering and client-side hydration
  • Utilizes React DOM servers for operating any features within


Preact is a minor alternative to React JS but an impressive choice for product owners to create websites for its comprehensive features. If your application’s performance is not a significant priority factor for you, then Preact benefits you as much as you try to learn it. If you aim to build an app like Facebook synthetic events system, then Preact may not be the appropriate choice for your business since it doesn’t offer you the required library.

  • Supports newest browsers and IE9+
  • It enables the rendering of both states and props, linked states, and uses class instead of the class name.


Aurelia offers seamless integration of your application with web components efficiently. It has been built with the help of ES2016 and relies only on polyfills. Aurelia is an impressive combination of smaller and more focused environments. It doesn’t follow any monolithic framework approach.

  • Can utilize all selected modules for building apps
  • Two-way data binding to any object
  • It consists of an HTML compiler to build custom HTML elements, add new behaviours to existing HTML elements, and control template generation.

Backbone JS

It is one of the most effective React JS alternatives. It offers extensive design architecture to heavy JavaScript apps with custom events and value-binding, and various other features. Here are some of the Backbone JS features for you to consider:

  • Collections of rich API with different attributes
  • RESTful JSON interface for integration of every feature with your application
  • Views with declarative event handling

Ember JS

Ember JS is one of the most convenient React JS alternatives through which you can use more features while building significantly fewer codes. It has handlebars integrated templates that enable you to execute the process.

  • Automatic update of templates without changing the data
  • API-friendly and enhances the productivity of your development team with its make
  • It contains every common idiom that boosts the entire development speed


Mithril specializes in building single-page apps seamlessly. It is one of the newest JS frameworks, which is lightweight and fast.

  • Efficient URL routing
  • Out-of-the-box XHR utility

Riot JS

Riot JS is entirely developer-friendly, which enables building great user interfaces with customizable tags. These tags involve intriguing and straightforward syntax, thus providing an intuitive learning curve to your development team. Like React JS, Riot JS also comprises a virtual DOM that works faster than ReactJS.

  • Build complex views with the help of HTML
  • No involvement of additional HTML root elements, attractive custom attributes

Vue JS

VueJS is one of the most popular JS frameworks and the versatile React JS alternatives available as an open-source product. It is relatively young compared to JS framework giants like AngularJS and ReactJS. With its sophisticated features and tools, it attracted newbies by offering an intuitive learning curve.

  • Flexible to use, handy conventions, scalable libraries, and developer-friendly
  • A modular, high performing, and lightweight technology than React JS

Angular JS

AngularJS doesn’t require any introduction because no product owner can be seen unknown about Angular JS. If you are building large or small applications extending down the line, use AngularJS. It is an open-source front end JavaScript framework with which you can easily simplify and structure the JavaScript code.

  • Supports building strong single-page apps
  • Provides set of comprehensive AngularJS tools and frameworks


If you are seeking a functional and reactive JS framework, Cycle.JS would be a suitable choice. It ensures that the functions have the essential inputs and outputs and keeps the entire structure clean without any side effects or bugs.

  • It helps you build asynchronous logic.
  • Cycle.JS has an inbuilt API at its core.
  • Comprises features like drivers, streams, and functions
  • Follows main(), driver and run()

Wrapping Up

ReactJS is an excellent framework if your product idea is to make a single-page app as your identity in web design and development. If not, as per your web application idea, you can select the suitable React JS alternative from the options mentioned above according to your project requirement. Luckily ReactJS is emerging day by day and fixing each and every issue in its latest updates, so you don’t have to really choose its alternative. You can still hire ReactJS developers and build an impressive application for your business/product idea.

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