Benefits of Using Extrusion Blow Molding Products Get Best Suppliers near You

Extrusion blow moulding is a different process than injection blow moulding. There are certain differences between the two processes. The major difference between the two is that extrusion blow moulding makes two-dimensional products. On the other hand, injection blow moulding makes three-dimensional products. There are so many advantages of using extrusion blow molding that make it a great process. You can read about the most prominent advantages of this manufacturing procedure. These benefits make this procedure more practical and useable.

1: Products and benefits of Extrusion Molding:

There is always a demand for the processes that can make a bigger number of products. Extrusion blow moulding is one of those procedures. You can use this process to make more products with similar results and procedures. So, if you learn this process and make your facility according to it, you can make more products through it. There is a huge number of extrusion blow molding products that can help you get a number of solutions. Some of them are:

1: Water and milk bottles

2: Automotive air ducts

3: Shampoo bottles

Lower Costs: As compared to other types of plastic manufacturing processes, extrusion blow moulding is more cost-effective. There are certain reasons for this cost-effectiveness, like:

1: Lower level of pressure required for manufacturing

2: Lower machinery costs

3: Reduced labour costs

This point can really make a difference in the profit you get through manufacturing. And this ability of extrusion blow moulding can really change how you perceive your business.

  • Multiple Methods of Production:

In the future, there are more and more designs coming in the field of this procedure. This process is going to be pure automation.

  • Higher Productivity:

Production capabilities of this process have been increasing. This process can help make more products in a shorter time with better productivity. This benefit of this process can meet more projects in a shorter time.

  • Flexibility:

The flexibility of intrusion blow moulding is one of the advantages that help big time. This allows intrusion moulding to be more accurate in different design production. So you, as a manufacturer, can make better designs with more precision and accuracy. This process is also helpful when you want to get different attributes in a plastic product.

  • Post-extrusion Alterations:

This point makes the products moldable, and so it is easier to expand. To make the product according to the need, a manufacturer can use a variety of dies and rollers.

2: The List of Most Reliable Plastic Manufacturers:

There are so many companies in Pakistan and Lahore that have great results as manufacturers of plastic products. Some of them are in Lahore, others in various areas of Pakistan. You can read about the most reliable ones to know which one you can choose for your needs. Some of them are:

  • Plastix:

Plastix is one of the plastic extrusion companies that has the ultimate plastic manufacturing. They deal in several types of plastic manufacturing procedures and types of products. For people in Pakistan and especially in Lahore, it’s a great option for extrusion blow moulding products. They deal in a variety of processes, like:

  • Pet Blow Molding
  • Injection moulding
  • Extrusion blow moulding

You can contact them for almost all products that a manufacturer of plastic can make.

  • Hira Plastics:

Hira plastics is another name groomed as a reliable one for plastic manufacturing. They deal in different types of plastic products that they make for different industries. Their products include:

  • Cosmetics bottles and other products
  • FMCG plastic
  • Pharmaceutical plastic bottles
  • Pakistan Polymers:

Pakistan polymers is a company that manufactures plastic that produces different types of plastic products. Some of these products are the most simple ones, and some are complex. There is a huge type of plastic bottles they make, like:

  • Soap Bottles
  • Water bottles
  • Boston rounds
  • Sting energy drink bottle
  • Alkhair Plastics:

Alkhair Plastics is a Karachi-based company with a smaller range of plastic products. You can visit their website that looks like an incomplete one having very few products mentioned.

  • Suner Plast:

Suner Plast is a Faisalabad-based company that has expertise in plastic products. They deal in products like:

  • Paint buckets
  • Ghee buckets
  • Jerry cans
  • Open top barrels
  • UniPet:

Unipet is one of the biggest companies in Pakistan that has great manufacturing ability. They have a wide range of products, and they also deal in customized products. Some of their products’ industries vary from bigger products for carrying more weight and volume to smaller ones. These products are used for different sectors, like cooking oil, pesticides, carbonated soft drinks, dishwashing liquids, and pharmaceutical products. Their website tells that they are either working on such projects or are going to work on such a project in the future. This makes them one of the bigger companies in the industry.

  • S.S Plastic Works:

S.S plastic works specialize in a smaller range of products. They are known for having the expertise in chairs manufacturing that makes them one of the smaller companies. But, they have one the best and reliable expertise in the field they are working in. They also deal in handles, seat base, mesh chair products.

  • Mehran Plastic Industries:

Mehran plastic industries are one the companies that have smaller ranges of products. They have

  • Water bottles
  • Carbonated drinks bottles
  • Bottle caps,


These companies work in the field of plastic manufacturing and also are extrusion manufacturers. You also read about the benefits of using extrusion blow molding that you can use to make your knowledge stronger. There are so many different types of products that have higher quality standards and better designs. The benefits you read make this procedure more reliable and worthy as a product manufacturing one. There are so many projects in Pakistan and in the world that are not complete without plastic products. And before you make your decision about one plastic manufacturer. As you read about these benefits of using extrusion blow molding. These benefits must have convinced you about how this industry has to take a lot from this technology.

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