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Benefits of Building Double-Door Entrance in Your Custom Home in Dallas

There are endless ideas rushing into your mind when you’re building your custom home, such as tall windows and ceilings, a large terrace, and even an extravagant and tall double-door entrance. 

If we talk about double-door entrances, they are a great appeal for sure. However, what we don’t know is that these have numerous benefits, due to which people should actually consider adding them to their custom homes. 

Moreover, because doors create the first impression of your home, this is something you must definitely concentrate on when building your own custom home by custom home builders Dallas Texas

Thus, this article is going to focus on how adding a double-door entrance to your new custom home will be beneficial for you:

Grandeur effect

Having double-doors is quite an aesthetic appeal. Not only do they give a contemporary look, but also make your overall custom home look grander. 

Having tall windows in your custom home is going to give a more exquisite feel as well if we’re talking about tall double doors. Your front door is the entrance to your custom home, which is why it should have an aesthetic look before anyone enters inside. 

Furthermore, double doors also help give a more symmetrical, and prestigious look. Their distinct design and size will definitely make your home stand out from the rest of your neighbors. In addition to that, double-doors can also add a great balance to your home. They are great for welcoming guests to a larger home, and also provide an open feeling for a smaller home as well.

Furthermore, double-doors add great value to any custom home. Therefore, in case you plan to sell your custom home in the future, you should definitely consider adding double doors.

Numerous styles to choose from

The styles and designs of double-door entrances are limitless. There are numerous materials to choose from, such as fiberglass, wood, and countless other metal choices. Also, the theme is yours to choose- you can go for a modern and contemporary look, or even a rustic style.

All of these styles are definitely going to add character to your home in Dallas. Therefore, having double entry doors allows homeowners to choose from a wide range of distinct architectural styles that would never have been possible if one opts for single entry doors.

Furthermore, you can even opt for adding glass to the double-door. This way, you can choose how much light will enter your home. With two doors, you can imagine how bright your custom home’s entrance area would be.

Natural light

An entrance should have adequate lighting. Those who don’t have glass doors have no other option except for adding lighting inside their home near the entrance. However, with glass doors, there will be adequate natural light entering your home, because of which you wouldn’t need to add artificial lighting inside your home. 

Moreover, adding stained glass to your doors will give another contemporary feel to your home. Again, with numerous glass designs to choose from, you can pick what feel and style would complement your home- the choices are endless!

Natural lighting entering your home has numerous health benefits. For instance, being exposed to natural lighting helps uplight your mood, and also enhances your sleep as well. Moreover, double door entrances with glass mean even more natural light will enter your homes.

Greater area for entering

Apart from the grandeur appeal of double-door entrances, these doors help provide a greater area for entrance. These offer an adequate amount of space for people entering your home, whether they’re small children or even a large family. Besides that, double-door entrances are also helpful when there are things that need to be moved inside. 

In most cases, single doors do not offer much space, which is why it is quite difficult to move and carry certain things inside your home. For instance, whether it’s moving large furniture, or construction workers moving their tools or equipment inside, this is when double-door entrances are deemed most useful. Therefore, this is when practicality comes into play and double-doors help provides just that.

Moreover, having double doors also provides comparatively less separation between inside and outside of your custom home. This is ideal when you want to spend time in the pool, on your lawn, do a barbeque, or even having a clear view of your children when they are playing outside while you remain inside.


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