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Computers and Technology

About Fiber Optic cable Technology

Fiber Optic cable

Fiber Optic Technology:

The fiber optic cables transmit the information from light by a receiving side, where the light signal decoded with information/data. Fiber optics transmits signals over significant distances at extremely high paces. A fiber Optic Cable made up of plastic/glass.

Fiber Optic Functionality

Light goes down a fiber-optic cable by skipping repeatedly off the dividers. Each little photon (molecule of light) bobs down the line like a bobsleigh going down an ice run. Presently you may anticipate a light emission, going in an unmistakable glass pipe, basically to spill out of the edges. However, in the event that light hits glass at a truly shallow point (under 42 degrees), it reflects back in once more—like the glass were actually a mirror.

. Deeply main part of the cable the light goes through Folded over the outside of the one more layer of glass called the cladding. Deeply. It can do this since it is made of an alternate sort of glass.

Fiber Optic Cable Types:

  1. Simplex and Duplex Fiber optic cable
  2. Plenum
  3. Single and multimode
  • Plenum Fiber Optic Cable: These cables are specially made with standard requirements. These cables are used inside buildings with different materials.
  • Single and Multimode Fiber Optic Cable: Single mode fiber is the easiest design. Profoundly, and all signs travel down the middle without skipping off the edges.

What’s new in Fiber Optic Technology?

  • By twisting light into a winding, engineers adequately make a third measurement for light to convey data

Advantages of Fiber Optic Technology

  1. Good Bandwidth: Fiber optic cables have good bandwidth transfer speed than metal cables.  Furthermore, increasing number of organizations requiring information transmission, have high transfer speed accessibility.
  2. More speed: In this present generation Internet usage is more, we are being able to download data, uploading files, & videos, making calls through Internet. For these type of needs we need high speed internet connections.

Fiber optic connections are essentially quicker than the high speed copper Internet associations, from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. With a fiber optic connection, users can profit from equivalent upload and download times through a high speed data connection.

  1. Long transmission signal distances: A fiber optic cable is a low power misfortune medium, which means you can accomplish higher data transfers over more transmission distances.
  2. Flexibility in use: Compared with copper cables, fiber optic cables are more fine and lighter in weight.

Fiber is adaptable, can twist effectively and opposes most destructive components that regularly attack copper cables. Fiber optic cables don’t direct electrical currents, making fiber data connections completely impervious to electromagnetic impedance, lightning, or radio signs.

  1. Bandwidth Rate Improves: Fiber optic networks eliminate lot of the idleness issues on clients experience on digital Internet, especially while downloading or transferring a video.
  2. More Secure: Fiber Optic cables keeps information more secure. It does not transmit signals and it is very tough to tap without our notice.


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