A Detailed Guide For Portugal Golden Visa Applicant

Around the whole world, the Portugal Golden Visa investment program is most sought after. It is so because this program offers a good way to get the citizenship of Portugal- a beautiful European country. The Portugal Golden Visa is the most sought-after citizenship by investment program around the whole world.

The low investment options in this program will grow the craze among non-EU citizens. Therefore, the number of applicants is growing in number. The Portugal Visa holders can also take their family members along with them to this beautiful country Portugal. After getting the resident permit to Portugal, then visa holders can easily enjoy various health and educational benefits offered by this country. Moreover, they are free to travel to the Schengen region, and they do not need to apply for a visa.

After holding the Golden Portugal Visa for five years, the applicant can apply for citizenship. But there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying for citizenship. It is very important to make the required investment in the specific sector to get eligible for the Portugal visa application. If you want to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, then there are various important things that you need to consider.

Portugal Golden Visa Needs And Requirements

There are some requirements that should be met before applying for the Portugal Golden Visa. 

  • Real Estate Investment

Make an investment in the real estate sector in Portugal, and it should be more than €500,000 investment. But if you invest in a property which is located in a low-density area, then you are free to make the investment worth €400,000. By making these Portugal golden visa real estate investments, you will become eligible for the Portugal golden visa. Well, the interested Portugal Golden Visa applicant can also invest in the urban properties. Make sure that these properties should worth at least. Before investing in the real estate sector in Portugal, you should ensure that the properties are qualified by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF).

  • Fund Transfer

Applicants can also transfer the required money to the Portugal Investment fund, and the amount should be equal to or more than €350,000. You can also transfer funds to the Portuguese bank account, and the amount should be equal to €1 million. There are various other investment options, such as purchasing shares or making an investment in a Portuguese company.

  • Generate Job Opportunities

Another way to fulfill the investment requirements before applying for the Golden Portugal visa is by generating ten job opportunities.

  • Investment In Research And Experiment

The investment can be made in the research and experiment sector. Make sure that investment should be at least €350,000. You can invest a minimum of €250,000 in the Portuguese heritage and art sector for renovation purposes. Before applying for the Golden Portuguese visa, it is important to get a certificate that shows a clean criminal record.  

Steps Involved In Portugal Golden Visa 

Once you have finished the investment process, then it is important to apply for Portugal Golden Visa. We recommend you hire a legal representative who will help you to precisely fill the form of Portugal Golden Visa. It is required to submit the Portuguese Immigration and Borders services (SEF). We have mentioned a few important things that you need to consider while submitting the application for Portugal Golden Visa:

  • First of all, you should register yourself at the online portal of SEF to submit your application for the Portugal Golden Visa. Once you register online, then you will see various options available online.
  • After registering, the next step is completing your online form. You need to upload all important documents which are required for Portugal’s Golden Visa. You need to submit all your documents in PDF form.  
  • Check the document before uploading them and make sure that they are in the required format.
  • Make fee payment for processing the application. After making successful making the required payment, your documents will be uploaded, and your application will be submitted.
  • Do not forget to collect the proof of submission of your fee. You also need to upload this proof online.
  • You need to wait for some time to collect the confirmation from SEF. Once you have received the approval, then you need to log in to the ARI portal again.
  • After getting approval, you need to select the SEF service counter where you want to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa. Make sure that you choose the right date and time for the appointment. Take the printout of the schedule slip as proof of the payment. Finally, appear on the day of the appointment. The official will collect the biometrics such as finger print, retina scan, and other details. 

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