8 Key Points to keep in mind when you build a car dealer mobile app

We all know how much time we spend on our phones these days, and the vast majority of that time is spent using mobile applications. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular among enterprises. So, developing a mobile app for your company might reap enormous rewards for you in many ways. Whether it’s an eCommerce shop or an online clothing business, all are attempting to build mobile applications in order to connect with their clients. 

Not only this, vehicle dealerships and manufacturers have begun to go online with their own mobile applications. The development of car dealership mobile apps is becoming more popular because it allows customers and dealers to communicate directly with one another. 

Why does a car dealership require a mobile app? 

Brand Recognition 

A mobile app for a car dealership with a catchy logo and user-friendly interface may help attract customers and improve brand recognition. Additionally, push notifications, interactive content, and intensive marketing help build a strong brand position and attract more customers.


With an app, you can quickly and effectively follow up with your potential clients in several ways. A mobile app makes it simpler to share updated information regarding price cuts, rewards, special discounts, inventory, model availability, loan options, etc., with the prospects. This way, you can close more deals. 

Data analysis 

An effective mobile app for your car dealership allows you to evaluate data on critical business metrics such as profitability, top-selling car models, and sales team effectiveness. Analytics-enabled mobile apps for dealerships will offer valuable information about inventory, app activity, and daily users. 

Flexible Payment Options 

A variety of flexible payment alternatives given by an app may enable customers to place new orders quickly and easily, whether at home or on the go. It improves the customer’s experience and satisfaction while also cutting down on the overall processing time. 

Client Retention 

Dealers can use a mobile app to offer rewards programs and run customized digital campaigns to re-engage existing customers for future vehicle purchases. 

8 Must-have Mobile Application Features for Car Dealerships 

Vehicle Catalog

Of course, the aim is to increase the sales of cars. A feature like this should be included in your car dealer app without a doubt. 

Advanced Search: Along with the vehicle catalog, there must be an advanced search tool that enables the user to easily locate the vehicle that best meets their requirements: vehicle model, year of issue, etc. 


Geofencing on a mobile app is a viable solution to help keep customers interested. It also helps the dealership to be more creative and clever in attracting consumers. Geofencing allows car dealers to send special offers to customers within a certain radius of the dealership by determining the customer’s current location. To give you an example, consider the following:  

If a customer is near your dealership/service station, you can ask him to visit the store to check your new collection or something similar. The chances that he might agree are pretty high! Why not take the risk? 

Car page

Let’s say the user discovered several good cars using your search tool. He should now be able to learn more about each of them in detail. This is why you’ll need a dedicated Car Page screen on your mobile app. 

Push notifications

Push notifications, i.e. the ability to deliver information about your offers, special discounts, company news, and so on. This is the most effective way to inform your target audience about your car dealership in the most subtle manner. 

Integrations with social media

Here, we’re referring to integrating social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is a must-have feature for all applications, including car dealer iPhone and Android apps. 


It’s also a good idea to provide clients with the option to schedule a vehicle inspection, road test, or service appointment right on the application. A dealership mobile app with these features, for example, makes it easier to plan the car service schedule. 


Keep in touch with your clients around the clock, seven days a week! A mobile chat enables round-the-clock engagement with the user (You can also choose to develop a chatbot for the same). 

Car service

Another must-have feature of a mobile app for vehicle dealers is online service center assistance. Customers will love it if you provide them with a really helpful service. Your app users would appreciate your chat assistance in stressful situations such as an accident or a failure.

Well, now you know what all it takes to build a feature-rich mobile application for your car dealership. Consider the points discussed above and make sure to include the necessary functionalities when you decide to build a car dealership mobile apps.

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