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8 Annoying Enemies of Area Rugs

Annoying Enemies of Area Rugs

Area rugs are an important investment for any home. They make the interior of your home balance and complete. Home decor is nothing without a rug. But they fade away with time if not cared for. You want to make sure that you take care of them and keep them looking good. Unfortunately, there can be many things that end up ruining your rug: pets, spills, improper cleaning methods, and more! We’ve compiled a list of the five most annoying enemies of area rugs. Check it out below to find out what they are and how you can prevent them from happening in the future!


1) Pets

pets can be your worst enemy of area rugs. They love to chew on them and claw at them, especially if there is a “tug-of-war” going on with you or another family member! You want to make sure that you keep all pets off the rug unless an adult supervises them. If your pet must be on the rug, make sure you have good quality and best area rugs. Pets can cause a lot of damage, even if they are small.


2) Foot Traffic

Foot traffic can be another big enemy of area rugs. If you have a lot of foot traffic going through your rooms, it’s probably a good idea to invest in high-quality area rugs. \ Make sure there is proper padding underneath as well, because if not, you’ll see signs of wear on the rug fairly quickly. The heavy foot traffic can also lead to cracks and tears in the rug. We all love area rugs but hate when people walk all over them with shoes on! Use a doormat at every entrance of your house so people know they should take off their shoes before stepping onto an area rug.


3) Dust

Another enemy of area rugs is dust particles which can cause permanent damage to your rug. Dust is relatively easy to clean up, but it will slowly eat away at the fibers, making them weaker and more susceptible to stains. Be sure to vacuum often, so you don’t have a dusty mess on your hands! They also tend to attract dirt and hair. The dust particles are so small they get inside the rug fibers. It’s almost impossible to clean them out of there without ruining your area rug!


4) Dirt and Mud

Just like a dusty area rug, a dirty one is in grave danger of getting permanent stains. When dirt gets on your carpet, it acts as an abrasive and causes the fibers to wear thin. This makes them more susceptible to stains which will make your rug look old very quickly! Make sure you keep up with regular vacuuming so you can get rid of the dirt before it becomes a permanent problem. Dirt and mud also attract other particles that can damage your rug. Keep them off the carpet at all costs! Clean your rug regularly, and when it comes to an area rug that you have just removed from storage, be sure to give it a thorough cleaning before putting it in place.


5) Stains and Spills

Area rugs are more prone to stains than most other types of rugs. Partly because they’re bigger and partly because there’s more surface area to get dirty. But no matter what the reason is, you need to be very careful about how you clean them. You could end up with a worse problem than when it started. Never rub at a stain because you’ll push it further into the fiber, which will make it harder to remove later on. Always spot cleans your rug. It will prevent the harsh stain from setting in any further.


6) Uneven Wear and Tear

One of the reasons area rugs are so popular is because they can tie a room together by adding some warmth, color, pattern, or texture to an otherwise bland space. But this versatility comes at a price: your rug will likely take a beating over time. If you’re placing a rug in a high-traffic area, especially one that experiences heavy foot traffic, there’s going to be noticeable wear and tear after time. This is why it’s best to choose an area rug with some pattern, such as Baluchi or ikat rugs, because this will mask the effects of uneven wear and tear over time. Also, consider investing in a higher quality area rug if you’ve got a high-traffic room. 



7) Hard Brushing

When cleaning or brushing your rug, you need to be gentle. It is easy for the fibers of a rug to become overstretched and broken if it is brushed too vigorously or in the wrong direction, which can result in permanent damage that will require professional restoration services. This may not seem like a problem because we do this when we use our homes as usual. Still, just a few times a year is enough to damage the fibers of your rug permanently, so be sure to brush it carefully and avoid brushing in one direction only.


8) Direct Sunlight

Sunlight is the number one cause of fading in your rug. So avoid putting it in direct sunlight for long periods. This can be difficult to achieve if you leave the windows open. But try placing a thin white sheet or curtain between your rugs and window treatments to help prevent this issue. The harsh rays of the sun can not only fade your rug but also cause it to dry out and crack over time.

BONUS TIP: Always put your rugs on a rug pad to prevent the fibers from being damaged.


In Conclusion

The worst enemies of area rugs are dirt, spills, and stains. These things can destroy your rug! If you want to buy a high-quality rug for your home or office space that will last, head over to RugKnots. This is the best place on the internet to find an affordable but stylish new piece for any room in the house. Whether you’re looking for something soft underfoot in your living room or at sea level in front of your fireplace, we have just what you need. Our selection carries every style from traditional Persian designs to modern Scandinavian patterns – all with no upcharge in quality!


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