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Home Improvement

5 Easy Tips For Maintaining Synthetic Grass Melbourne

As the greenery is slowly dying in urban, people start to invest in artificial grasses. They require comparatively less care, water, and fertilizer. Just a proper check on Synthetic Grass Melbourne is sufficient for long-lasting good-looking of the turf. Most people make mistakes in caring either by conserving too much or leaving it without doing anything. Both these actions are not ideal for the attractive looking of the artificial garden. To keep your lawn good as new and neat follow the given below 5 maintenance tips.

Brushing Synthetic Grass Melbourne

After newly installation of turf, you need to brush it frequently. Because the infilled sand will be sometimes out of the turf and it may take nearly 2 months to get settled. So, until then brush your garden frequently and after the period the maintenance is simple. By cleaning in a vivid direction, you can keep your turf bouncy and new like natural grass. After the first 9 weeks, brush the artificial grass once a month. Avoid using metal bristles as they may lose the gentleness of the grass. It is suggestible to clean the area with synthetic bristles

Removing Dust And Stains

If you stay in high rain receiving areas then hosing off the turf is not much required. If not, hose the turf once in a while to remove the dust. But it is important to note that not all the dust can be removed through hosing. Different types of stains need to be cleansed in a different ways.

  • Mild Stain: Sometimes during parties, a glass of wine may tumble to the ground or your loving pet may attend a natural call over the grass. Cleaning of such stains does not require much effort. Cleanse it as soon as possible with water and mild detergent even though turf is resistant to such stains.
  • Stubborn Stains:Some spillovers like grease, oil, and pen cannot be cleaned with mild detergent. It requires agents like mineral spirit for drawing out the stains. Clean the affected area and blot up the excess water.
  • Sticky Stuff:Items like chewing gums can easily stick to the grass and for removing it you can use aerosol refrigerant or dry ice.
Different Features Of Synthetic Grass Brisbane That Is Helpful For You

Keep It Away From Organic Build-Up

It is advisable to keep away your turf from organic build-upBecause the breakdown of organic matter will produce minerals that are ideal for the growth of weeds. Even if you notice any growth of weeds after such care pull it immediately rather than using weedicide. As a way for checking the growth you can use weedicide twice (commonly advised every six months) in a year for an elegant look. However, do not use high potent as it may destroy the turf.

Keep It Odour-free

Sometimes even if you cleanse the turf frequently the chance of bad odor lingering around the artificial grass is common. The cause can be due to your pet excreting in turf or kids littering on it. Generally, the liquid will be absorbed by turf and so if solid waste prevails clean it after it gets dried. For odor-free turf use enzyme cleaner. If you are looking for an alternative then vinegar with water will be a great choice.

Proper Treatment Of Mould Growth

If you find any color spots in your turf then it means the growth of mould. This development is usually due to the growth of bacteria in areas where your pet or kid urinates. So at first clean with a plastic tooth leaf rake, then apply hydrogen peroxide for treating it, scrub the area, and clean with water immediately for avoiding damages.

Closing Lines

Still, do you have any doubt about how to maintain the Synthetic Grass Melbourne? No worries, We at Auzzie Turf are ready to help you. Our customer-friendly experts surely aid to resolve your doubt. We are selling high-quality grass that will give awe-impressive look to your turfed areas.

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