2023 Best Solution to Split PST Files by Year Using Automated Tool

Split PST Files by Year

When you launch your Outlook program, do you encounter issues with the Yearly wise of your Outlook PST files? If so, this article has the solution. It offers simple methods for splitting Outlook PST files according to year as well. Read this post through to the conclusion as we will walk you through every step of the process to accomplish this task.

Emails, contacts, events, and other data are saved in PST file format by the Microsoft Outlook email software. Outlook data is eventually stored in PST files, which causes the PST file size to grow excessively. Consequently, because of the PST file’s large size, users may encounter a variety of circumstances. Outlook is impacted by large PST file corruption, which can occur for a variety of reasons.

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It occasionally fails to store newly added things from the Outlook email client. You should understand how to partition a PST file according to the annual standard since a huge PST file also causes additional issues in Outlook. Thus, continue reading this article to get all the information you need to complete this assignment.

For what Cause Are PST Files Split?

Reasons for dividing Outlook PST files vary among users. Nonetheless, we discuss a few typical justifications for year-by-year PST file separation below.

Outlook email applications can operate less smoothly when large PST files are present. Users won’t be able to save additional items in the PST file as it gets larger.

It is necessary to divide huge Outlook PST files since users occasionally do not have access to their PST files.

Users may need to divide huge PST files for other reasons, and they may be searching for a solution.

An Alternative Way to Divide an Outlook PST File by Year

GainTools Split PST Software has been tested by specialists and can rapidly and reliably split Outlook PST files into smaller portions. PST may be divided with this tool according to size, date, folder, and year.

Keeps big Outlook data files apart while preserving data integrity. You can join Outlook files using this program without losing any data. Keep all email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other data files apart from Outlook data files. The data is not impacted by this tool while it is being converted. Also, even if a PST file is divided into several sections, the folder organization and data integrity are preserved. Users may easily divide PST files by year with this utility.

Simple Steps to Divide an Outlook PST File by Year

  • Run the PST Splitter Tool after downloading it.
  •  Select “Add PST into the software” and press “Next” afterward.

add pst file

  • Shows Previews of choosen pst files

display pst file

  • Select location to save the resultant PST files

display pst file

  • Click on the Split Tab to start the process of splitting

Which Automated Solution Is Superior for Users?

  • Users split encrypted PST files using this utility. Simply provide a suitable password to secure the PST file, and the application will automatically divide huge Outlook PST files into password-protected segments.
  • You can separate Outlook PST files without worrying about file size restrictions by using this PST split tool.
  • It has ability to operate on both PST files- Archive and newly formed
  • It Support all version of Outlook like- 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • Free demo pack is also offers to all users which they use the function of software and learn how it’s works.


We’ve covered several ways to split an Outlook PST file by year in this post. To complete this work quickly and safely, we urge customers to use the best software that has been strongly suggested by specialists. Even technical expertise is not required for users to run an expert program that performs the splitting procedure.

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