Why Order Feather Banners Instead of Traditional Banners

Feather banners are also called feather flags, which provide a versatile and effective means of attracting attention. You can use them indoors or outdoors for events, businesses, and trade shows. These banners have a flag stand and a custom flag shaped like a feather. They are easy to install regardless of the environment and last longer than traditional flags. 

Lush Banners offers various types of banner designs and sizes for feather flags. As an industry leader, they provide affordable pricing with custom designs to make your banners stand out in any crowd. 

Custom Options You Get With Feather Banners

Feather banners are better than traditional banners in a lot of ways. But let’s define what feather banners actually are, as they are also known by other names, and many people aren’t sure why the shape makes a difference. Though the name is confusing, they get their name because their shape vaguely resembles a feather. They are tall and wispy, and they work great because they attract attention are perfect for the side of the road or in front of buildings. 

Feather banners are usually made with polyester fabric and printed using dispersed dye ink sublimation that bleeds through the other side of the material. Once printed, the flag is then attached to a base attachment made with aluminum or fiberglass to stay secure and stable during severe weather. 

Let’s dive into some of the benefits that come with using feather banners.

Easy to Install

Feather flags are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a good choice for any event or business promotion. You only have to put the pole set on the ground and adjust your custom flag banner to start your project. When you have to move, you can easily take the feather banner with you. 

Easy to Transport

Feather flags are lightweight, which makes them easy to carry to and from events. When you have multiple locations to visit in a short amount of time, feather flags can make an excellent option for your promotional banners.

Better Visibility

With heights ranging from 6 ft to 17 ft, feather banners can grab attention in seconds. You can place them in front of your store with foot traffic or in areas with high vehicle traffic, and they will draw attention in either situation. 

Quality Prints

Feather flags by Lush Banners are high-quality custom prints with UV protection. In addition, they use high-quality resistant ink to protect the banner colors despite the weather conditions. This is helpful, especially in outdoor event settings. 


These banners are light in weight and require very little equipment to set up, making them easily affordable. However, especially when you compare feather banners with traditional banners, the price difference is noticeable. 

Custom Options You Get with Feather Banners

These flag banners are easy to customize and design, so Lush Banners offers a variety of options for anyone interested in feather flags. 

Banner Types

You can choose from a few banner options depending on your promotional needs. Single-sided, double-sided, pre-designed, indoor and outdoor specific designs, trade show banners, and teardrop banners are offered at Lush Banners. Every option has unique features that can help you promote your business or event effectively. 

Base Types

A feather banner needs a solid and sturdy base to maintain its beauty. Lush Banners has many custom base options for feather banners, including outdoor spike base, cross base with a water bag, cross base with ground nails, metal square base, etc. 

Feather Banners Design Tips

We know that people choose feather banners simply because, on their own, they attract attention. However, double your efforts and make it twice as effective if you create a design that better conveys your message. When it comes to a successful design, the first thing you should consider is color. You’ll want to make sure it’s legible from far away distances but are also bright enough to stand out.

Consider using the color combinations that you already use in your other marketing efforts. Using your logo colors or business color scheme will help your current customer base recognize you and create a sense of uniformity. Focusing on your brand will help your customers come to know your business as dependable and trustworthy. 

Next, the layout is important too! You want it to be legible but not overcrowded. That’s why we’ve created a collection of templates to help you get started. Or, if you prefer, we even have free design services so that you can create custom flags with the perfect message. If it’s starting to feel too busy, we suggest using two or more flags to get your complete message across. 

Ready To Order Feather Banners?

Here at Lush Banners, we’ve made it our mission to get high-quality feather banners that are designed precisely the way you want them for your business or next event. We include industry-leading aviation-grade fiberglass poles and full-color UV-resistant inks so you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality banners available. All of our banner options come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Our customers use us repeatedly because they are great for both indoor and outdoor use and are 100% customizable.

If you are ready to promote your business stylishly and cost-effectively, get in touch with Lush Banners to get your custom feather banners. We’d be happy to give you more benefits and help you find exactly the marketing solution you need.

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