Why does Edimax BR-6478ac Router illuminate WLAN LED? Fix it

The Edimax BR-6478ac Router is a dual-band device that is apt to operate in five different modes. You can swap the mode between the access point, range extender, bridge mode, router, and Wisp mode. Backward compatible with advanced WiFi communication standards and has five-gigabit ports. Thereby delivering stable and strong internet connectivity. The WiFi network reaches all edges of the home with its two outer antennas. It supports up to 10 SIDS and supplies security and protection to access point mode. The next-generation WiFi router is capable to deliver a rapid speed of 1200 Mbps.

You can experience video streaming, gaming, unlimited browsing. It comes with a smart IQ set up with a web interface as no CD disk is required. It is designed to supply VPN features. In this way, you can chase the web address separately in a full private manner. Block or allow the websites and protect your children or close ones to surf the inappropriate websites, The sleek and flat design offers you to install it even when the area is not big. Now we tell you the tips to solve the WAN LED blinking issue of the Edina router.

Why does Edina BR-6478ac Router illuminate WAN LED? Solutions Here

can retaliate this issue. The WAN LED blinks usually when the internet connection is not available. Also, note that the router is placed in an area where it catches the best signal and speed. Ensure that you had accomplished the edimax Br-6478ac v2 setup in a proper way. When the BR-6478ac WAN LED indicator illuminates frequently, then these simple solutions

Check Power Connections

Firstly, verify that you have a stable and compelling internet connection, Also, review the Ethernet wire is in operating status. Turn OFF your BR-6478ac and power it on again later a few seconds. Locate the Edina BR-6478ac device to the higher level or near your computer.

Evade Interference

Evade spotting the BR-6478ac device with too many interference devices such as metal objects, glass, electromagnetic devices, and concrete walls. It may build a fence and decrease the wireless signal and speed. Check the spot and reverify the instruments that build an interference.

Verify the Bandwidth

Validate that the additional device is not connected to your network. Switch the channel and band of the router by chasing the login page of the BR-6478ac. We suggest you pick channel 9 rather than Channel 6. Reboot both computer and the BR-6478ac s and attempt to set up the connection again. Call your internet service provider and verify that they are delivering a strong and stable internet connection. Check the browser is not outdated. If it is, then update it. Also, clean the cache as well as history if you accessing the web page. Verify the firmware update, If available, then do it. It will fix the bugs and other technical issues.

Reset The Edina BR-6478ac Router

If none of the foregoing suggestions works, then decide to reset the BR-6478ac. Use pen or pencil type equipment and force the reset button for five to seven seconds. Remain for the BR-6478ac device to start up again. The BR-6478ac begins by itself when the illuminating indicator stops. Next the device restarts, you can now complete the Edina setup again.

Edina BR-6478ac Router Review

I purchased this device last month and faced not a single problem. A very good device at this effective price range. The setup using the web interface allows you to accomplish within five to seven minutes. The WiFi network strikes all sides of the home with its two exterior antennas. It bears up to 10 SIDS and fulfills protection and assurance to access point mode. The next-generation WiFi router is competent to deliver speedy internet.

You can feel video streaming, gaming, unlimited browsing. It appears with an intelligent IQ set up with a web browser as no CD disk is needed. It is planned to provide VPN features. In this way, you can follow the web address individually in a full separate manner. Block or allow the websites and guard your children or neighboring ones to access the inappropriate websites, Overall, a perfect device that should be bought for home and business purposes.

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