Why do we use hashtags on social media?

This is a question frequently asked by entrepreneurs. Our answer to this question is quite simple: ”to stay in the attention of your target group…”

This is perhaps an answer that you can’t do much with because this says nothing about how those hashtags work and what exactly a hashtag is? That is why we would like to make you wiser with this topic so that you are aware of the added value of such a hashtag after reading this article. And how you can use hashtags for your business.

Whether you already have a large reach on Instagram or LinkedIn or not; hashtags are useful for everyone. Especially if you want a larger reach, hashtags are the least effort to reach people who have an affinity with your brand or company. Or if you want to make your Instagram posts more appealing and appreciable then you’ve to buy Instagram Likes Malaysia to go with a wider audience and engagements.


What is a hashtag?

Before we capitalize on the benefits and uses of hashtags, let’s start at the beginning.

A hashtag is a combination of the # sign and a word/term behind it. You can use hashtags, among other things, to quickly find a message about a topic on social media.


An important purpose of hashtags is to filter social media posts. As a user, you can follow a certain hashtag, so that you see messages with that subject appear in your Instagram or LinkedIn feed. A great opportunity for your organization to come to the attention of your target group. Find out which hashtags your target audience finds interesting and share content that matches. This way you can reach a new group of people outside your own network.


Why should you start using hashtags for your social media content?

Did you know that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn support the use of #hashtags?

A few years ago, some platforms like LinkedIn stated that a hashtag has no function (source: Hootsuite), but that has since changed. Hashtags on LinkedIn, for example, are now #findable and can significantly increase the #visibility of your posts. If you use hashtags on social media, make sure they are relevant to your content, your business, and the industry.

What we personally find valuable is that you can create your own hashtags. These are, for example, hashtags such as I then have these tags shared by our employees, fans or partners for more reach.


Hashtags are therefore good for your findability on social media. With the help of a hashtag, you give your content a kind of ‘tag’ or ‘label’ with which your target group can find this type of content.

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But what are the other benefits of using hashtags?

  1. You can apply keywords to which you can be found on a social media platform;
  2. Regular use of a hashtag in a certain area can help you gain authority;
  3. Increase the chances of more likes and comments;
  4. Hashtags are great for community building. These are people who show interest in a topic to which you link a hashtag.
  5. Each hashtag is an opportunity to increase the reach of your post and connect with your target audience.
  6. You can easily find customers on hashtags.
  7. With a hashtag, you can measure how many people land on your profile via the hashtag.

Sounds like enough benefits to me. In short: a hashtag gives you the opportunity to boost the reach of your message!

Are you convinced of the added value of # hashtags?

A hashtag is indispensable these days when you look at sharing posts on social media. And that is certainly not without reason. After all, if you use hashtags smartly for your company, it will provide you with a lot of extra reaches, engagement and other benefits. Different platforms offer you the opportunity to increase your reach with hashtags, why not take this opportunity?

Do you use hashtags on social media?

If not, I’d definitely start with that. You are missing out on opportunities for better visibility on social media. Don’t have time to work on your social media presence? Then outsource social media, so that you guarantee continuity in your reach.



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