What Types Of Door Handle For Bathroom That You Can Choose?

The door handles give a perfect finish touch to the door. It also helps to protect the room as it comes with the attached lock. Nowadays you can find knobs and Door Handle For Bathroom with various finishes and styles. You can choose the one based on your preference and the aesthetic of your home. It is also available with various materials and designs, however most people are unaware of the diverse kind of doorknobs and their uses. Apart from enhancing the door appearance, it will offer you privacy in the bathroom. Also, ensure to choose reliable suppliers to buy the high-quality products at an affordable price. Once you know about the diverse assortments of handles, then it would be handy for you to select the best one. Here are bathroom door handles that you can prefer for your home.

Lever Latch

If you look for some of the simplest door handles, then you can consider the lever latch. When you release the latch, you can open the door. It would generally have an elongated handle, and pushing the handle down operates the latch mechanism on its inside. You can find this kind of handle in offices and houses. It is the perfect choice for the interiors, and it won’t require a locking mechanism. The lever latch will be installed with the deadbolts and chain that provide you with more privacy.

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Lever On Rose Handle

The level of rose is one of the unique choices for your bathroom. Typically, it will be supplied with a circular or square rose. It could surround the point where the handle connects to the door. It will add a smooth finish to your door, and it is smaller than the backplates. But it won’t come with locks, you can fix it based on your need. The lever on the rose handle is available with plenty of styles and finishes that suit your door well. The choices will be ranged like simple stainless steel, polished chrome, linear handles, two-tone finishes and more.

Doorknob – Door Handle For Bathroom

The doorknobs are the most classical door handle choice that has been in use for hundreds of years. It comes with an attractive spherical shape that can be used to open the latches by turning. It can be paired with locks for security purposes according to your requirement. handle comes with styles and designs including stainless steel, antique cast iron knob, chrome knobs and more.

D Pull Handle

The D pull handle is an ideal choice for the doors that won’t need to open inwards and latches. It could be fitted externally on the door, and it comes in a range of styles. It is mostly chosen for its simplicity and ease to use. You can select from straight edge handles, curved D handles, and T handles which have additions at every end to make a much more linear look. So, choose the design to depend on your preference for your bathroom.

Privacy Door Knob

Searching for a door handle that offers more privacy? Then you can choose the privacy doorknobs that are the ideal option. It has a button or twist-lock that has a pinhole on the outside knob. It can be opened with a generic key. You don’t need key locks, and use this in the areas that need more secrecy like the bathroom, bedroom, or other rooms. It is a specialized door handle that can be locked from the room inside by turning a button or lever. So, you get rid of the fear of missing the keys.

Final Thoughts  

If you hunt for the Door Handle For Bathroom, then you can choose the best one from the above choices. At Auzzie tiles & bathroomware, we provide you with top-notch handles for all the living spaces. We have more years of experience in the profession, and you can find the doorknob styles that meet your expectations. Add a unique finishing touch to your doors with our handles.

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