What is the Easiest way to Increase Horsepower on a New Car?

What is the Easiest way to Increase Horsepower on a New Car?

The horsepower of any vehicle could be a turning point. It is ideal to boost the HP (high points) of your vehicle which ultimately affects the entire performance of a car. To drive the fastest and most powerful series with excellent horsepower go for the BMW M140i Remap. The remapping of a BMW would do wonders. After a successful remapping, you will get better control & drivability, an enhanced fuel economy, and provide extra power to your car. If you crave a swift drive with top-notch power, then the BMW M140i would do for you and revamping it would do great magic!

Better drivability and highly improved horsepower (HP) are the dreams of every driver. To enhance the horsepower of a brand-new car would be cherry at the top for its drivers! As increased HP comes with its perks. An increased horsepower of a car would be driven faster, no unnecessary engine voice, better torque, operate at higher rpm, improved acceleration, and most significantly an overall greater performance of a car. It emphasizes the significance of horsepower. This article would impart the easiest way to increase the horsepower on a brand-new car.

What are the Easiest Ways to Increase Horsepower on a New Car?

You would be surprised after knowing that there are many ways to increase horsepower on a new car. It all begins after knowing how your engine works, through this one would be able to easily boost up the horsepower of one’s car. You got to find more ways to pump air in greater volume through your engine if you are interested in increasing your horsepower. 

Exhaust Systems Increase HP

A higher-performance exhaust system would do it. Your car would expel exhaust quicker by installing a free-flowing exhaust with larger diameter piping. Moreover, your car would inhale fresh oxygen to make more carbon monoxide quickly, the faster the car could exhale carbon monoxide. This process highlights how the exhaust system of a car could help in increasing the horsepower of a vehicle. 

Supercharger increase an HP

A car would increase by 50% in horsepower to its engine, after a forced induction system compresses the air flowing into your engine, not unlike the way cold air intakes benefit your car. You can mix more fuel and output more power, by forcing in more air (to get an ultimate upgrade if you have enough engine and money). Moreover, it gives you more instant gratification when you step on the gas, as they are easier to install than their cousin the Turbocharger. One has less room for heat issues or break down as they don’t need an intercooler. Through this, a supercharger that is more effective on 6-cylinder engines would be helpful in amplifying the horsepower of a new car.

Turbocharger increases HP

A turbocharger gets its power on the way out from the exhaust, as a supercharger gets its power from a belt connecting directly to the engine with its way inward. Due to the nature of this, they create a delay or “turbo lag” in increased energy, as they are very efficient in the way they recycle energy from the exhaust stream to power themselves. Meanwhile, the peak Horsepower (HP) could be higher than a supercharger with a turbocharger if you want to expand 25% of the horsepower of your new car.

Nitrous increases HP

If you want ultimate horsepower, without losing any energy then nitrous would do it. Your car would get an ‘air-maker’ in the form of nitrous, which is why we say nitrous is one of the best choices for increasing the horsepower (HP) of a car. A vehicle creates more power in it, once the air it which to combust within the engine forms in it. As a final product, the horsepower of the vehicle increases via nitrous. 

Cold air Intake Could increase HP

Another method is producing denser, colder air which would increase the horsepower of a car. In short, your car would have a better potential of boosting off its horsepower once it could breathe out the better, efficient, deeper, cleaner, and faster air in it. Thus, more air molecules are present to mix with the fuel to burn and create power when more dense air is going into your car’s engine.

The Easiest way to Increase Horsepower on a New Car

The easiest way to enhance the horsepower of a new car is through nitrous. It’s true, nitrous is one of the simplest and best ways so far. Without much worry and effort try nitrous and see wonderful results from your eyes. Nitrous is an ‘air-maker’ that would boost off HP of a brand-new car.

Take Away

Try the simplest way of boosting up the horsepower of your car through nitrous. One could try other ways as per preferences which might help in this regard. 

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