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The Steps an Applicant Must Take to Acquire Importer license in India

Weights and measuring products are the foundation of all products that are either manufactured, sold or imported in India. For that very reason, the government takes special care when such weights and measuring products are being imported from another country. Not only do they have to be accurate, but they also need to live up to the Indian regulatory standards. If they do, the importer of said products obtains the Importer license.

Step 1: Obtain the application for importer license

As of yet, no online procedure exists to assist to apply for importer license in India. Thus, the applicant has to pay a visit to the Legal metrology department within their jurisdiction and get the application form from there. While the application forms are freely given to the eligible individuals, times have changed – prompting certain elements to only provide application forms in exchange for money.

In case you’re an applicant of the same and don’t want to divert your time to painstakingly look for the application form in the Legal metrology department, our Importer license consultants would be able to help.

Step 2: Gather the required documents

The documents that the applicant is required to gather for import license in India are as follows:

  • Certificate of incorporation of the company
  • Memorandum of association stating that the objective of your company is to import products
  • Display pane of the product
  • Demand Draft of the application fee

Step 3: Submission of application

The application form must be filed in an error-free manner. It’s recommended to take assistance from consultants in case there are certain details in the application that escape’s the applicant’s understanding. Additional points that the applicant must keep in mind when filing the application is as follows:

  • Using block letter: For some obtuse reason, the blank spaces in the application form are small – prompting the applicant to enter details using micro letters. Such instances can make the details incomprehensible for the legal metrology department. The recommendation to prevent such cases is to use block letters only.
  • taking care all the documents: Each detail the applicant enter has to be backed by a document that verifies its correctness. Thus, the applicant must keep the documents ready and beside them when filling the application form.

Once the application form is filled, it’s submission takes place alongside the required documents.

Step 4: The assessment of the application and the grant of license

The legal metrology department, upon receiving the application, springs into action to assess it. If it encounters any issues with the details mentioned in the application, the applicant is duly informed. At that point, it’s the applicant responsibility to remove those issues as soon as possible.

Step 5: Grant of Importer license

Once the application is assessed and accepted, the Legal Metrology depends sends the importer license to the applicant. Presented as a hard copy, the applicant is recommended to make several photocopies of it to present the proof of import at the customs office.


Importer license is yet another legal requirement that’s often ignored by most people in India, and it’s not because of their ignorance. In fact, people are eager and are increasingly getting aware of the legal requirements of any business. However, when it comes to importer license, people are at a disadvantage because of government’s lack of inclination to spread awareness about it.

With these steps, you can start your importing business within the legal regulations and without any issues.

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