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What is Body Scan Meditation?

Meditation Body Scan

Everyone is aware of the benefits of Body Scan  meditation. Meditation is the practice of many techniques which give your mind calmness and peace. Body scanning is the meditation practice of mindfully , scanning your body for any type of pain tension any other sensations.

Meditation helps in developing a sensation in your body that gives you awareness and feel more connected to your physical self and gain greater insight into potential causes of unwanted feelings.

This process will help you to understand easier to address what’s wrong, leading to improved wellness in body and mind. When we practice body scanning many people feel relaxed, but the main aim of a body scan is not relaxing, we are doing this to train the mind to be more open and aware of sensory experiences—and ultimately, more accepting. When regularly practicing body scanning will help you focus and be fully present in your life.


Body scan meditation

How we start body scanning we give explain in the below points


Before body scanning finds a proper comfortable place. Then put a yoga mat there and lie down on that after that . close your eyes and keep your hand side facing your palm up.

when you are ready then analyze your body ,and connect your body with the surface that time ,maybe you have any kind of stress and emotion.

Then just leave that without forcing and put your whole attention on your breath. Notice carefully how the air come inside the nostrils and then into the lungs. and also analyze how you belly How your belly feels as it rises and falls.

When you properly analyze your breath more strongly in your nostrils or your belly, then expand each moment

if your mind gets distracted, that is okay, again come back to your breath and give your attention to your breath.

After that feel your feet pay attention there maybe you feel some sensations of moisture, heat, coolness, or tightness. we are this practice need to do is be present and aware.

Same like this pay attention to every part of the sensation and pay attention will increase your awareness in present and help you from the distracted mind.

Result of Scanning

People Practice meditation for many reasons. This is an ancient practice done to experience calmness, and peace and develops an improved awareness of the present moment.
Body scan meditation is very helpful in understanding their body and mind. it also helps a person to analyze the sources of their negative or unwanted thoughts and feelings


Leading yoga training centers

These are the benefits of this amazing process body scan Meditation

Good sleep
Reduction in anxiety and stress
Help in enhancing self-awareness
Improve memory

Many people did not even sleep properly at night after a busy day because of worries and workload. and get the habit of sleeping pills for those people who practice this mediation will effect very well, it helps you to keep relax and let go of troubling thoughts, and keep you calm. So, developing a regular meditation practice will also improve your sleep quality.

Meditation is also beneficial in the Management of stress, when you practice meditation it gives your mind relaxation and calmness result you feel relief from stress and anxiety

This body scanning practice is best for those who want to increase their self-awareness. In this form, you have to analysis you each body part and pay your whole attention there.

Meditation also increases your concentration and focus which will improve your memory and you will easily work without any distraction.

 Meditation Teacher Training India at Yoga Essence Rishikesh


In the Yoga Essence Rishikesh Meditation Teacher Training course. You will have such a type of meditation practice. That help you to deepen your meditation knowledge and awareness  and also give you a good career option. This ashram is located in the Foothills of the Great Himalayas near the Divine River Ganga.

In these Meditation teacher training courses, you will learn the 20+ types of meditation techniques, which will help you in growing yourself in this study of meditation. The best part of this training is here you will get a platform from which you enhance your practice.  And learn the science behind the meditation practices. How it works on the mind, body and resonate them and make harmony between them.

There you will get a solid base for your practice. Practice near the Ganga river is an amazing. Feeling it will give you a sense of connectivity with your inner self. Ganga is a holy and divine river. When you sit near Ganga you will feel the positivity of that divine river.  Which will help in your path of spirituality.

The teaching of yoga essence is based on traditional and modern ways. This a premium ashram for the seekers. Every year lots of aspirants come here for deepen there practice and knowledge in Meditation. It is a certified Meditation teacher training course under Yoga Alliance USA.

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