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Arts and Entertainment

What is 3D Animation?

Incredimate is an animation company that provides the best 3d animator services, which includes best in class quality and creativity. This 3d animation company offers a wide range of services that include modelling, product animation, 3d medical animation, 3d character animation, and a lot more services that come packed with unique creativity and the best quality work that easily catches the eyes of every group of audience. If you are eager to know what 3d animation is? Then you are at the right place, it is a three-dimensional space where 2d characters appear and are made to move. This company solves all your 3d animation queries from animated advertisements to corporate animation requirements. In this article, we will be knowing what is 3d animation? And the process and components involved in the 3d animation service at the incredimate.

Best 3d Animation Company

The incredimate is an independent graphics and technology production and 3d animation company that provides the best in class animation services. This 3d animation studio provides 3d animation services like product animation videos, character animation, and many more unique services with the help of top-notch 3d animation software. It is one of the best 3d animation service providers in India with a wide range of products to offer and a team full of expertise members, with years of experience and plenty of talent.

The process involved in Creating 3d Animation

Mainly there are 5 important steps that are involved in the creation of a 3d animation. The total process of the 3d animation creation is mentioned below!


The first step of creating a 3d animation is the modelling of the character and object, and mainly there are two subsequent types of modelling an object. The first and the basic technique is the drawing of an object of character in a 3-dimensional figure within the computer with the help of a 3d modelling tool by an artist or an engineer. The second technique is the scanning of a real object into a computer and then the model is created.


The next step of the creation of 3d animation includes texturing of the models with the help of materials and then the colour textures are added to the models to make them more alive.


This is considered as the backbone of 3d animation service provided at the incredimate, as this technique is used to create the skeleton of the object or the character so that it can deform itself according to the command and make movements freely.


3d lighting is the most important factor when creating a 3d animation, as it is important to fix the lights to enhance the important parts of the set, or glaze up the natural theme of the setup and provide a perfect 3d experience to the viewers.


The incredimate provides a best-in-class rendering service for the creation of a 3d animation. They have two main types of rendering services that include calibration for photorealistic effect and light setting, and the second is by using an art style that provides the non-photorealistic effect.

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