What documents do you need to apply for CDSCO Registration?

Importing cosmetic products has always been a profitable business in India. Now that the world is finally open after pandemic, people have started to realize this even more. The result is the increase of applicants for CDSCO registration. It’s the authorization to import cosmetics in India.  Without the right documents, you can’t hope to obtain it. 

Therefore, in this article, you’ll know about the documents you need to obtain CDSCO approval without any issue. 

Cover Letter for CDSCO Registration

You must first convince the Central Drug Standard Control Organization that you deserve the license. You do that by drafting a simple-yet-powerful cover letter that covers all the points about your deserving status. Mention the name of your business in that letter and product you seek to import. Follow it up by fiving complete description of product and focus on why you are a worthy candidate for CDSCO approval. 

Power of Attorney Authorizing the Authorized Indian Representative

You need an Authorized Indian Representative. He or she would be someone who can take care of your certification needs in India to apply for approval. You’ll authorize that representative through a power of attorney. Along with the name and other details of that representative, that power of attorney should also contain the following information:

  1. Details of the manufacturer of the cosmetic product
  2. Technical details of the cosmetic product you need to import. 
  3. Validity period of the power of attorney

Undertaking stating that you’re providing the right information

Honesty, thoroughness and full of integrity – those qualities are important for CDSCO. While you can’t prove to have them all through one application, you can draft a declaration for it. State that all information you’ve provided in the application form are correct and as per CDSCO’s regulatory expectations. 

List of all the ingredients present in the cosmetic

Draft a document list all ingredients of the cosmetic product you wish to import. Also, provide the concentration of those ingredients present in that product. 

Labels that you’ve put on the package of the product

It’s not only for the CDSCO certificate you’re filing this application. Further, you also need to meet the Legal Metrology’s regulatory requirement. Thus, you must provide info related to product’s labels that must include the following:

  1. Cosmetic product’s name
  2. And, details of the product’s producer
  3. If the manufacturing needs a license, the license number
  4. Furthermore, that manufacturer registration number should also be persent
  5. Information about the product in the format given by the Legal metrology department. 

Testing methods that you’ve implemented on the cosmetic product

Addition to a power of attorney, provide a complete sheet of all the tests you’ve conducted to check the effectiveness, toxicity and reliability of the cosmetic. Also, make sure that the place where you’ve obtained the test results from have the appropriate certifications. 

Manufacturing license of the product

Furthermore, if manufacturing the cosmetic product you’re importing requires a manufacturing license, provide a copy of that license. ONLY do so after getting it certified by the regulatory authority.

Free sale certification

You can only import cosmetic product for which its country of origin has issued a free sale certificate. To state simply, if the regulatory authority of the country from which the product originates has issued the free sale certificate, only then you can import it in India. 

Undertaking of No animal testing

Provide an undertaking stating that no animals were testing during the production of cosmetics. 

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CDSCO Registration fee receipt

Provide a demand draft of the application fee for CDSCO registration. 


Now you have a comprehensive list of the documents you need to submit the CDSCO registration process. Remember to get them certified before submission. Furthermore, make sure to you get them right from the start. CDSCO is intolerant about mistakes in the registration applications. It can delay the process deliberately if you make any of them. Therefore, reach out to an expert when you can once you decide to obtain the certification. we can definitely help.

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