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What are Unarmed Security Guards?

In recent times, the need for efficient security measures has increased in several industries. Not only the workers but also the equipment used and data stored need protection. That is why security systems are becoming more advanced. Along with that, security guards have also evolved. Young individuals that are being appointed, are now smarter and sharper than before. They are already familiar with security devices that help them to effortlessly take control of their surroundings.

Depending on the location and work allotted, the type of security guards can vary. Though, people have started using these security services for their private places as well.

While the requirements for a security guard may differ, their basic functionality of securing an area remains the same. These guards can also be either armed or unarmed according to the task given.

In this article, we are going to cover every detail about unarmed security guards. This will help you to hire a professional for your workplace. You can choose from the top-rated unarmed security guard companies.

Brief Description of Unarmed Security Guards

It doesn’t matter if we talk about armed or unarmed security guard companies, as their main purpose remains the same. Unarmed security personnel secure the location without using any kind of weapon. However, these guards do monitor the behavior of visitors and employees. In case of some breach in the security, these guards quickly manage the situation and create alerts.

In addition to that, unarmed security guards play a vital role in patrolling the area and controlling different equipment of the building. Who is entering or exiting the building, where the data is being transferred, observing suspicious behavior of people, these are all a part of the security guard’s daily work.

Services Provided by Unarmed Security Guards

Being unarmed is not a disadvantage for these security guards. All of them are well-trained and know how to use a firearm. But as per the job requirement, the unarmed security guards prefer not to keep any weapon. These guards rather believe in solving a situation using a cool mindset and clear understanding.

Also, these types of guards are present in small venues, stores, and public places. Security companies in San Bernardino County provide a wide variety of unarmed security guard services.

Advantages of Unarmed Security Guards

Safe and Secure Environment

This is the primary benefit of having a security guard. The professional protects your property and creates a safe environment to work in. Unarmed guards have big brains along with a strong physical appearance. This helps in preventing unwanted situations.

Easy to Approach and Work With

Your customers will not be afraid to approach the unarmed guards for any kind of help. Most of the security companies in San Bernardino County ensure to teach their professional non-verbal communication and basic understanding of human behavior.


These types of security teams are less expensive than armed security guards. This is due to the fact that armed guards require additional money for self-protection, guns and ammunition, better insurance, and other safety measures. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, then unarmed security guard companies are the perfect choice for you.

Additional Monitoring

The security sensors, surveillance cameras, and threat detectors are sometimes not enough for a specific location. Sometimes, you need an expert to take care of the various procedures. It is effective in unique scenarios.

Companies that Appoint Such Security

Several organizations provide security guarding services in the US. Though, you should only trust the ones that have already received high ratings from customers. On top of that, one can also check the websites for all the details regarding a particular service.

Security companies in San Bernardino County provide guarding services with features like live-tracking, paperless reporting, and custom security solutions. All the residents of this location can search for ‘unarmed security companies near me on the online portals and find the right security service.

How to Contact?

Contacting a security guard service provider has become a seamless task nowadays. You can simply go to the online sites and register your requirements. Many of these companies also provide online chat representatives that can help you to make a decision.

Furthermore, you could visit the company directly and share your requirements. The security guards will take a quick tour of your structure that can help them with patrolling and monitoring. After that, you will never have to worry about the security of your place.

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