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What are the benefits of Starting a Newspaper in India?

There was a time when a newspaper was the only way for people to stay informed about the world. While the small snippets of social media seem to have replaced it, one cannot deny the thoroughness the glee that comes with reading the newspaper during morning coffee, or while sitting on a toilet.

Anyway, considering the abundance of fake news in the world because of social media, and people’s increasing awareness of this faux-news trend, traditional newspapers are seeing a resurgence.

One can say right now, starting a newspaper is a lucrative option for you, and that’s not the only benefit.

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of starting a newspaper in India. Once you come to realization, make a choice to obtain RNI registration – the license to start a newspaper in India.

Promote your interests and generate the income at the same time

How much does it cost to print a copy of newspaper? It’s lower than what you pay. Thus, you can say that publishing a newspaper and selling it is a process that pays for itself.

Additionally, if you want to propagate real news without being encumbered by outside influence, you can make the choice if you have your own publication.

The news you provide is much more detailed

One of the reasons that social media fake news started to gain ground is because of their succinct nature. Youngsters who stick their faces in front of their screen have a short attention span. It made newspapers irrelevant.

However, times have changed. We now live in an India that everyone has half opinions and everyone wants to be informed to form better ones. Newspapers can help with that.

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Through a newspaper, you can dive deep into every piece of news, and profoundly propagate your ideas to an audience who has the patience to sit still, and read.

You can gain more advertisers for your newspaper

When you think of newspaper as a business, you’re not thinking of the readers, but of the advertisers. Using your paper as a vehicle, several brands can have their start.

Additionally, because a newspaper is a more traditional and proven advertising media, most established entrepreneurs trust it. Thus, you should obtain RNI registration to start a newspaper, if for nothing else, but to lure advertisers who still believe that newspapers can make the change.

Provide unbiased news without any legal cost

The cost to get the legal right to start the newspaper i.e. the RNI registration fees, is NIL. If you’re capable of formulating a good title and have the guts to create good content that can inform the people, not manipulate them, you can easily obtain the RNI registration certificate free of cost.

Newspapers are more trusted than any other form of media

While the modern news channels have become secondary entertainment source for the people, they still perceive a newspaper as a trusted source of news. Thus, if you’re enthusiastic and willing to give RNI registration a shot, there is a high chance for people to accept your product. Importer License 


Newspapers are having a resurgence. Since people started to realize their false faith in social media news snippets, they have started to look at the newspaper with a renewed sense of trust. Consequently, there is a rise in demand that you should be the part of.

If you’re willing to start your own newspaper in India, you should contact Registrationwala. We are the RNI registration consultants that can give you the services needed to obtain RNI registration and get started without any hassle.

Ever since people come to realize the mistake of trusting social media, newspapers have seen a resurgence. What are the benefits of starting a newspaper in India other than this increased customer base? This article delves into that.

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