What are the 7 Steps of Hand Hygiene?

Different Steps of Hand Hygiene

According to leading scientific research, up to 3 hours Bacteria could stay alive on a person’s hand. Additionally, up to 5-14 objects, a virus could be transferred with the assistance of contaminated hands. To maintain good health and over-hygiene, it is important to keep good hand hygiene. Hand towels play a vital role after regular soap, as the transmission of bacteria through damp hands becomes 1,000 more inevitable than dried and wiped hands. You would find one of the best and high-quality hand towels UK, which would help in making your hands bacteria-free in less than seconds. These hand towels mainly consist of a soft and premium quality fabric.

Importance of Washing Hands

The key conduit for the transmission of germs in health care is one’s hands, as we carry out our everyday tasks with the assistance of hands. Once a hand gets infectious, bacterial, or dirt, it would easily infect the external as well as the internal system of a body.

Keeping hand hygiene before cooking food, preparing your meal, taking medication, go to the grocery store, consume drinks or food, clean or treat your cut, wound or a burn, go for a grocery store, touch mobile devices, enter the hospital, nursing home, doctor’s or a surgical ward, or any health care place. Other major settings involve washing hands after sneezing, flue, cough, shaking hands with others, engaging in intimate activity, touching garbage, comes-in contact with animals, waste material, after bathroom or changing diapers of a toddler.

Many people believe that antibacterial soaps are more beneficial than regular soap for killing everyday germs. However, the use of antibacterial agents triclocarban and triclosan were banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Trusted Source in 2017. Allergic reactions, endocrine (hormone) disruption, antibacterial resistance, overall ineffectiveness and systemic absorption are some of the agents based on which FDA banned antibacterial soaps.

7 Steps for Maintaining Hand Hygiene

There are 7 main steps for maintaining high-class hand hygiene for yourself in everyday life.

Step 1:

Wet your Hands

Get clean running water and wet your hands. Get a lukewarm water with 35ºC and 45ºC temperatures to ideally cleanse your hands. Take a regular soap or a liquid soap and create a good leather enough to perfectly clean your hands.

Step 2:

Rubbing your Hand Palms

After applying the required soap, you need to spread the soap lather on your entire wrist and hands, particularly your fingers. Apply soap to palm in circular motions through the clockwise and anticlockwise motion to get the real work done.

Step 3:

Use one Hand to Rub the Back of your Hands

Now for at least 20 seconds, make sure to scrub your wrists, fingers, hands, and fingertips. Then, use the right palm to rub the back of your left hand and with your fingers linked through the other hands. Then reverse it. Don’t forget to make a good lather of soap to rub your hands cautiously.

Step 4:

Interlink Fingers by Clasping both Hands

Make a clasped of hands by simply linking your fingers with each other. After which, your finger and palms need to be rubbed together under clean tap water.

Step 5:

Interlock Both Hands by Cupping them

Further, your left hand under the right hand over would be formed by cupping your fingers together. Rub the back of the fingers against your palms, with your fingers interlocked with each other.

Step 6:

Wash your Thumbs by rotating them

Rub your hands as you rotate them by enclosing your right hand around your left thumb. Slowly apply a bit of soap if needed.

Enclose your right hand around your left thumb and rub as you rotate it, then swap.

Step 7:

Wash your Palms

Finally, get in a circular motion by rubbing your fingers over your left palm. Then reverse it. You need to get running clean tap water to wash both of your hands till your wrists are thoroughly. Take a clean hand towel to dry your hands.

Don’t forget! To turn off the facet with the help of your hand towel, which would avoid coming in contact with gems.

The Bottom Line

Always try to keep your hands hygiene. It would keep you healthy both internally and externally.

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