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What Are the 5 Unknown Facts About General Dentistry Brisbane?

What adds more attraction to a face? Yes, it’s beautiful white teeth. But if any tooth gets affected or has fallen then people lack the confidence to smile in the public. Nevertheless, it helps to crush and chew the food particles. However, such an important part of the body is not well-cared by the majority of people unless any issues arise. Also, many don’t know the important facts about the teeth General Dentistry Brisbane. If you too don’t know about 5 important facts about teeth, then have a scroll till the end of the content and find interesting things.

Teeth Are Unique

How many of you know that your teeth are unique like fingerprints? Hardly, few! Your teeth are unique, similar to that of fingerprints. It is why dental records are used to find human remains. Also, it helps in understanding many factors of humans. Also, teeth are not the same even for twins. Another exciting bonus fact is that your tongue too has a unique tongue print. So next time if anyone asks why are you special? Answer them with these facts and make them stunned!

Types Of Teeth General Dentistry Brisbane

Can you recall the school science classes where it was taught the number of teeth a person is 32? Of course, you would be! But can you tell the different types of teeth you have? Nope! Then here it is. Eight teeth that are visible at the front are called incisors, moving outwards teeth are canines. Usually, canines are four in number that are the sharpest to tear and rip apart the food. Further continuing outwards is premolar and its purpose is to grind the food. The last 12 are molars and the work is to further chew and grind the food.

Kind Of Iceberg

People think if the visible teeth are good then the requirement to care is nil. However, most of the teeth are underneath the gums and so it is why you need to take care of gums. It should be pink in color and firm. Also, healthy teeth are resilient while the unhealthy bleeds with a little hit. If you have spotted any of the changes in the color or feeling of loosening teeth then approach a dentist. Because prevention at the earliest will help in keeping the gums free from further issues.

Major Importance Of Invisalign Geelong Aligners That You Must Know

Hardest Part Of The Body

Can you say the hardest part of the body? Spinal cord? Thighbone? Nope! The toughest of all is the enamel. It acts as a shell and protects your tooth. The main properties of enamel are calcium and phosphate similar to that of bones, however, the only difference is that there are specific proteins and crystallines that make enamel even stronger. But you must know that even the hardest is not invincible. Sometimes it can crack or chip and are prone to decay. Most enamels become weak when sugar and acid interact (soft drinks) with bacteria in the mouth.

Yellow Means Cautious

If you find yellow stains in teeth then it is not due to consumption of drink or food, but the result of decaying teeth. Generally decaying results in the pain of your teeth. Cavity and tooth decay are considered to be the most common health problems worldwide. So if you have spotted cavity or decay in your teeth and haven’t been treated at the earliest then it will result in affecting deeper. So, if you find any issue then approach the dentist without fail.

Closing Lines

Are you looking for the best General Dentistry Brisbane? Then you are welcome to the Dentist near me! Here you can find the best and reliable dentist within your location. In the present scenario, dental-related issues don’t come under any policy, making the people pay out of pocket. So, spend your money on the best dentist within your location by getting suggestions from us.

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