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Vitiligo brides; Matrimonial challenges of aspiring brides with vitiligo

Every prospective bride deserves a groom who would stand by her, support her and make her feel desired and special. It is no different for a bride with vitiligo. She except her husband to look beyond vitiligo and accept her for who she is.

Vitiligo cannot and should not take away her well-deserved right to a loving husband and a happy and fulfilling marriage. It is not an easy job for her to happily adjust to this new life. For a vitiligo brides, it is all the more challenging.

Our society has always scrutinized a woman for her physical appearance. It is often seen people judge a woman a lot more by their looks rather than their qualities and personality traits. Living in such a society, one can imagine the stigma faced by a woman with vitiligo.

With the evolving times, women have realized their looks are not their only possession and life is much more than that. This disparity towards vitiligo has reduced a lot in the workplace and education field. But when it comes to matrimony the situation has persisted.

Search for a suitable match for a vitiligo bride

Finding a groom for a woman with vitiligo is quite a struggle as people fail to look beyond their skin condition. Due to the stigma around vitiligo in our society and the baseless taboos and myths,

It is really a difficult task to discover a suitable match for a woman with vitiligo, who completely understands that vitiligo is a non-harmful and manageable skin condition.

The incorrect assumptions prevalent in society such as vitiligo may be communicable or dangerous bring rejections and delays during matchmaking searches.

vitiligo brides

It is often seen that prospective vitiligo brides have to face rejections despite having the aspects of a good partner.

To avoid an unnecessary delay, vitiligo brides sometimes have to compromise and marry someone they do not consider deserving enough.

Due to vitiligo stigma, the post-marriage scenario is also not rosy in the majority of the cases.

It brings its share of challenges and responsibilities. The added obligation of vitiligo further increases the challenges.

Every woman deserves a husband who would allow her to be comfortable in her skin rather than highlighting vitiligo as a negative aspect of her personality.

Disparities and continuous disappointing experiences trigger stress and anxiety in the woman which can further aggravate vitiligo symptoms.

It is often seen that vitiligo is aggravated after marriage because of the added stress due to lack of support from the husband or his family and ironically, sometimes, it becomes the reason for separation or divorce.

Let us ask ourselves, why would a vitiligo bride need to go through all this? Just because of the white patches on the skin?

No! Let us discuss the way out below.

If a woman with vitiligo marries a man with similar skin conditions:

  • They would be able to understand each other’s problems
  • The unnecessary consciousness of vitiligo will not be there.
  • When your husband would have complete knowledge of your condition, rooms for myths and taboos will not be there.
  • This would give both the partners a life that is much more their skin conditions.

Join if you are looking for a match with vitiligo.

This matrimonial platform gives people with skin conditions an opportunity to connect over a secure and private online platform and explore matrimonial discussions.

The vitiligo-borne lacuna on the skin should never come in the way of love and marriage because love is a feeling way beyond physical appearance and everyone deserve to feel this magic!

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