Virtual Dedicated Servers – All You Must Know

Every website is different from the other, and so are its hosting needs and requirements. The hosting type or service perfect for one type of website might not be suitable for the other type of website. This is the major reason the website owners often face quite a difficulty in getting their hands on the perfect type of hosting service. In the present time, virtual dedicated server hosting is getting quite popular and attracting numerous users.

In simpler terms, the virtual dedicated server is the hybrid of the virtual private server and the dedicated serve. It adopts the virtual hosting feature from VPS hosting and dedicated space from dedicated hosting. Another basic component of the virtual dedicated hosting is the dedicated physical hardware resource which makes it quite unique as well as boosts its performance and quality of service.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn and explore all you must know about virtual dedicated servers and finalize your choice carefully.

Top 7 Features of Virtual Dedicated Servers

If you want to get a virtual private hosting service and are facing a hard time to give up on dedicated server hosting, then maybe you should explore and opt for the virtual dedicated server. It will help you achieve the essence of both types as well as get your hands on some exceptional features too which will boost the performance of your website. Learn in detail about the features and decide carefully.

Here are some of the major features of virtual dedicated servers that can ensure you enjoy better quality service and offer a perfect user experience.

1. Dedicated CPU & RAM

The very first feature of the virtual dedicated server is that the service subscribers get dedicated CPU and RAM too. In the case of the virtual private server, everything and service are virtual. However, the virtual dedicated server will help you get physical CPU and RAM, which will be solely for you and will not be shared with anyone else. Due to this feature, many website owners consult dedicated server Dubai based service providers and make sure to get it too.

2. SSD Storage

One of the major highlights and best features of virtual dedicated servers is SSD storage. The website owners opting for virtual dedicated servers get storage disks from reliable and high-quality service providers to extend the available storage. Moreover, it improves the quality of service and ensures the safety of the data.

3. Quick Provisioning

Another attractive feature of a virtual dedicated server that makes more and more users opt for this type of hosting service is the quick provision. It is one of the quickest solutions that will allow the website owners to transfer their data, manage the installations and ensure their website is working perfectly fine. So, if you are not ready to waste time or put your website on a halt for some time, opt for the virtual dedicated server.

4. Hyper-threading

Hyperthreading is another attractive feature of the virtual dedicated server. It is a hardware innovation technology that allows more threads to run on every core. In other words, it means that more threads can run on the same core, which will increase the speed of work. So, a virtual dedicated server can support more threads and act as double the number of CPUs.

5. Domains and SSL Certificates

Another critical feature of the virtual dedicated server is that it offers domains and SSL certificates. Due to this, you do not have to be worried about your sensitive website data being at risk of damage, cyber-attacks, and other such attempts. You can ensure that your data is encrypted as well as backed by a warranty which will also boost the trust of website users and help you attract more and more website traffic.

6. Additional Backup Space

One of the most captivating features of the virtual dedicated server is that you can get additional backup space. So, if your website grows out of its dedicated virtual space, you do not have to get worried about managing your data. You can get additional backup space and ensure that your data is perfectly safe and stored in reliable server spaces.

7. Uptime Monitoring

The last and most intriguing feature of the virtual dedicated server is that it ensures uptime monitoring. You will be able to monitor the performance and uptime of your website on the virtual dedicated server, which will help you stay prepared for updates and ensure your web traffic does not face any issues. If you are interested in getting this, contact dedicated server Dubai based service providers and make sure to perfectly monitor the uptime of your website.

Are you ready to explore virtual dedicated servers?

If yes, then proceed with your choice. If not, you can utilize the help and guidance of the professionals to make the right choice. Get in touch with experienced professionals and make sure you opt for the right hosting service which boosts the performance of your website.

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