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Top Travel Destinations for Students in the UK

Most travel and education destination center for students in the UK.

Top universities of the UK are dominant in the world and second-most higher education destination center. It is a global cultural hub with an incredibly diverse demographic. It is a more attractive destination for international students. The world-famous universities, large student population, best student housing options, lively, happening student life, great employment prospects, help too. Not to mention UK tourism is pretty epic & will totally leave you gushing.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that university life is never complete without going on mini-vacations and road trips. And, anyways you will tire from the mundanity of everyday life and being cooped up in the same place at some point. It is only natural to seek out other cities for a fun time! Scroll down to find the best travel destinations in the UK for university students.

1. London 

It is inexcusable and practically a sin to not hit up London if you’re living in the UK. Yes, it is expensive, but you can skip the fancy hotel and posh restaurants and take student houses for rent, which will make the trip much more student budget-friendly. London is essentially the heart and soul of the UK and a global icon. With its magnificent architecture, famous attractions, unparalleled nightlife, diverse culture, and a buzzing student crowd. A beautiful eclectic city filled with the history and charm of the past millennium. England’s capital is on a league of its own.

2. Glasgow 

Glasgow is a gorgeous, charming city with tons of greenery, a welcoming population, lots of character. And has an interesting fusion of traditional Irish culture and modern city life. The city has a quirky yet chill vibe. You will not have a single moment of boredom with many things to places to explore. Grand museums, outstanding architecture, hipster street art, famous attractions, wonderful restaurants, traditional Irish bars, cobbled streets nestling away a lit nightlife. And a whole new culture to delve into- Glasgow has quite a lot to offer. The food is incredible and The food is incredible and makes the city an exciting place of frequent festivals.

3. Manchester 

Manchester is a cosmopolitan paradise and is the perfect amalgamation of urban modernity and old-time charm. It is one of the most happening boroughs in the UK. With some amazing local haunts, incomparable nightlife, and a fun laid-back vibe. It is home to some of the most talked-about football clubs, with sports enthusiasm running through the veins of the city. The city has many impressive architectural and historical gems. As well as other attractions for sightseeing & entertainment. It offers a wide selection of shared student housing options. Making a trip to the booming metropolis is not too tough on the wallet.

4. Brighton 

Brighton is a stunning city on the UK south coast. It is a hidden gem of sorts, often overlooked by tourists. Making it a low-key travel destination with a bunch of epic sights to see and things to do. It is one of the top student cities in the UK, meaning there is a diverse, exuberant student crowd giving the city youthful energy. The party scene & nightlife in Brighton are well renowned. And, no matter what day of the week it is, there is always somewhere fun to go. Brighton Beach, Brighton Pier, The Royal Pavilion, North Laine are some of the more popular spots in the city.

5. Oxford 

Oxford, the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ is the epitome of ‘English’ and is one of the finest sightseeing treasures in the country. There is something magical and utterly charming about the city. Maybe, it’s the cobblestoned alleys, the great museums and galleries, live music venues mixing with iconic buildings, the quirky pubs, hip boutiques, quaint coffee, and trendy nightclubs. But, there is no denying that the city has a way of sneaking into your heart & disarming you in the best way possible.

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