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Top Things to do in Ramanagara


Ramanagara town located on the outskirts of Bangalore. It is 50 km away from Bangalore. Name of town from nearby Ramagiri Hills. It is a beautiful place filled with hilly and plain areas. A major ground of this place is covered by large pieces of granite from the lower Proterozoic era. The district is 3,516 km long and its one third i.e., 699.46 km area is covered with forests. This district has 823 villages. Kanva, Arkavathi, and Cauvery River flow through this district. This place is famous for movies shot here like ‘Sholay’ And David Lean’s film ‘A passage to India ‘was also shot here.

Ramanagara is not only famous for its beautiful culture. It is also famous for adventure activities. So, we have listed things you can do.

Things to do in Ramanagara

Night Trekking Ramanagara

Night trekking at Ramanagara trek is one of the most fun things to do. Light of stars will show you the path of trek through darkness. A camp with a bonfire to warm is icing on the cake.

Rock Climbing at the famous Sholay Hill 

This place got a lot of importance due to film shoots happening here. Situated in Sugganahalli which is 48 km away from Bangalore. This hill became famous because it was used as Gabbar Singh’s hideout in Sholay. This place is also known as one of the best places for rock climbing in this district. There is no fee for rock climbing. You can try it between 9 am to 5 pm. This Hills area is also home to different bird species. You have to climb 400 steps across a forest to watch them. Top of the hill there is Temple known as Sri Pettah Rama Temple.

Biking, Trekking at Mekedatu

Mekedatu is in Kanakapura, 100 km away from Bangalore. Cauvery and Kaveri Rivers flow through the valley and merge with Arkavati river. On one side there is Tamil Nādu and on the other side there is Karnataka. Because Roads are deserted, biking has grown up here. You can also go 17 km away from Mekedatu.

Rappelling at Sri Revana Siddeshwara Betta

Famously known as SRS Hills which is 13 km away from Ramanagara. Famous for Rock Climbing. Rappelling, Canoeing and rain dance. You can also have spiritual calmness here. Three temples which are famous 1) Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Temple 2) Bheemeshwara Temple 3) Renukamba Temple. No entry fees.

Adventure Camping

The Ramanagara camp is a must visit place. You can reach her by road. It lies in lush Greenery of Ramanagara’s reserved forests near SRS Hills. You can do activities like boating and kayaking on the lake. Rappelling on the Rocky Mountains and also enjoying the longest zip lines lies on the road. Tourists also enjoy activities like slacklining, water rollers, the Burma bridge, water zorbing, river crossing, trampoline, rain dance, swimming pool, paintball. carrom. table tennis, cricket etc. Campers will have pillows, blankets, rat reses, with tents which have to be shared. Camp starts at 4 pm and ends at 10 am. You will get Evening tea, snacks, dinner and breakfast.

List of Things to do Besides Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

Exploring The Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market

Situated in ijoor 40 km away from Bangalore. One of Asia’s Largest Cocoon Markets. Selling’s of the market is 50,000kgs per day. Spread over two acres. Famous for traditional silk artwork. A stroll through this market which tourists may not forget. Market is open throughout the day.

Bird Watching at Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary

It is at the top of Ramadevara Betta near Sri Pattabhi Rama Temple. Built in 2012. This sanctuary has three vulture species which are on the verge of extension. White backed, long billed and Egyptian vultures have been settled here for decades now. Due to hue and cry from environmentalists 346.41-hectare area has been announced as reserve area. Time to visit is between 9 am to 4.30 pm. Rs 25 /- is the entry fee for each person.

Jana pada Loka – Experiencing Karnataka’s Rural ethos

Also known as ‘folk world ‘it is a 15-acre campus. To keep Karnataka’s state culture alive, recreation of rural environments has been done here. Person behind this idea is HL Nage Gowda who is a civil servant and lover of folk culture. It started in 1994. It promotes, preserves, and publishes the native folk culture of the state. Rural artists, Musicians and Craft people get promoted and a chance to showcase their talent. Open from Wednesday to Monday between 9.30 am to 5 pm. Fee for an adult person is Rs 50/- and Rs 25 /- for children. If you have to take pictures inside the museum you have to pay Rs 100/-.

If you want to explore the whole Ramanagara you have at least spent two days here. The best time to visit the Jana Pada Loka is from October to February. And avoid the visit during the monsoon season, i.e., between June to September, as the area experiences heavy rain.

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