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Tips for wearing a Venetian mask

A Venetian mask is a great way to add some creativity and flair for event. There are so many different designs, from scary ghosts with wild hair or snarling wolves on their face! In this article we’ll talk about how wearing one can make you feel like an entirely new person and what tips might help keep it up all night long without making too much of a mess in your house first?

Venetian masks are usually hand-made of paper-mâché or leather and they completely cover the face of a person with an extendable noose that is tied around the head. Venetian masks are often decorated with peacock feathers, ribbons, gems, and crystals to add some sparkle to the Venetian masquerade ball.

In order to wear Venetian masks for event, you need a comfortable Venetian mask that you can easily attach around your head with an elastic band or ribbon ties.

Today many Venetian masks are available in stores, but if you want to have Venetian masks for perty, you can create them on your own. Venetian mask for the event is a great idea that will not only provide fun but will let everyone know that you are ready for sweet tricks or surprise treats.

How to make a Venetian masquerade mask?

The masquerade mask is the most popular type of mask. Venetian masquerade masks are hand-made of paper-mâché, leather, and plastic. Before creating a masquerade mask there should be much thought into masquerade mask supplies and mask styles, colors, and masquerade mask sizes. 

But it all starts with preparation. So take your time and plan everything well in advance so you don’t miss an important detail. If you want to create a mask by yourself here is what you need:

  • Paper mache or Modelling clay

  • Papier mache glue (2 components)

  • Acrylic paints in costumes colors: gold, silver, white and black

  • Lace ribbon

  • Scissors and a pen

  • Mask elastic band (ribbon) or masquerade mask string (noose)

  • Mask feathers and Venetian mask gems and mask crystals

Steps: Creating a by yourself: 

  1. Making Venetian masks clay. Mix the two parts of clay with water to get a mixture that is about an inch thick for covering your face. It’s better if you add some newspaper strips into the mixture because it will make it easier to take out from your face when it dries out. If needed, add more water to create a structure that you like.
  2. Cut the Venetian masquerade mask strings and Venetian masquerade mask feathers and Venetian masquerade mask gems and Venetian masquerade mask crystals. Soak Venetian masquerade mask strings in Venetian masks glue for about 20 minutes to make them stick well with your Venetian masquerade mask clay.
  3. Now attach Venetian masks feathers, Venetian masks gems, and Venetian masks crystals to Venetian masquerade mask string using hot glue or another suitable adhesive. 

There are many mask styles, Venetian masks colors, and Venetian masks sizes to choose from so don’t forget to check Venetian Eye Mask and Masquerade Masks. You can find a lot of Venetians for Halloween on the internet, but it is always better if you make Venetians with your own hands because it will be an original and unique Venetians for Halloween made especially for you!

These easy steps will help you create a mask that will definitely suit your needs. 

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