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Tips For Troubleshooting Your Fireplace

The firebox is the space within your fireplace where wood is burned. The materials utilized in this region must be able to resist temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. If not adequately maintained, this region is especially prone to degradation over time. If you feel your firebox requires repair, have our chimney sweep check it to ensure the masonry is sound. Our trained chimney sweeps restore worn-out fireboxes and can even install fireplace inserts to assist boost efficiency and give outmoded fireplaces a fresh new feel and appearance.

Examine Your Firebox With A Chimney Sweep

If your firebox cannot work correctly then you can call us. Even though the refractory mortar and firebricks used to build this region can resist extremely high temperatures, they are prone to deterioration and degradation over time. The masonry elements (brick and mortar) that comprise the fireplace and chimney heat up when you burn a fire.

The materials are cooling down after extinguishing the fire. The heating and cooling cycle can cause the mortar to crack or fall out, leaving hazardous holes or gaps in the firebox. These flaws can allow hot gases or burning embers to escape into adjacent walls or living spaces, potentially creating a fire. Don’t risk your family’s and your home’s safety; Check Your Firebox with one of our trained sweeps.

Water and moisture are other foes of your fireplace, causing brick and mortar damage. Moisture that enters your chimney and makes its way down into your firebox can saturate the brickwork, compromising the brick and mortar’s durability. Your firebox mortar may begin to chip away, or the firebricks may fracture, split, or deteriorate. Scrape the mortar joints using a pointed instrument, such as a screwdriver, to assess the state of your firebox. If the mortar crumbles readily, call the experts at Northeastern Chimney. The old mortar needs to remove and replace with high-temperature cement. The name of this mortar is tuckpointing. It may be a fantastic way to extend the life and use of your existing firebox.

Repairing Your Old Firebox

When we repair a firebox, we cover all of the walls with new firebrick and plaster the fireplace floor with mortar that closes any minor holes and fractures. This mortar name is “fireclay,” and it can use to seal the walls of the firebox if the damage is minor. There is no need for a new layer of bricks. A rebuilt fireplace will appear and perform just like a brand new device. Homeowner’s fireplace is now safe and efficient to use.

Many modern electric fireplaces have pre-fabricated metal fireplace inserts with panels that may be replaced on occasion, but more often than not, the complete fireplace insert must be replaced. Today, you may pick from a variety of insert types. That can bring both beauty and usefulness to your aged firebox area. Some homeowners may even consider putting a high-efficiency stove in the old firebox area. This is not only to give it a new look but also to enhance heat efficiency.

Proper venting and flue liners are critical to these devices’ performance and safety. Because the firefox is not revealing to the heat of an open fire. Extra heat wear will be negligible when you add a stove to a firebox area. Water and moisture must still be kept out of this region. You can install a suitable chimney crown, chimney cap, and chimney liner. Get in touch with us now to learn more about firebox rebuilding or insert and stove installation.

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